The Paradox Museum Opens at American Dream

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As if American Dream didn't have enough attractions to keep the kids busy all summer — and beyond — the mega center for shopping and entertainment opened its door on July 27 to a new spot that offers mind-twisting adventures, head-scratching exhibits, and all-around fun.

The Paradox Museum lets you step inside a world where the mind (and the displays) are playing tricks on you and things are not as they appear. The massive 11,000 square foot space invites you to question what's real and what's not, while offering up plenty of ways to give your Insta feed a serious boost. Paradox Museum already has locations in Las Vegas and Miami, and the New Jersey spot is guaranteed to be just as exciting and fun for all ages.



It features dozens of exhibits including its signature, and most popular, Upside Down Room that's been specifically designed for the NJ location. Here, you can literally dance on the ceiling of a New Jersey Diner as you're drinking a milkshake or ordering food from a booth. Other rooms include objects appearing bigger than they are, a mirror room, and so much more. In all, it takes up to 90 minutes to explore the different spaces and displays at the museum, and staff are available to guide you through and help you see things as they are, or aren't. You can also grab some puzzles and brain games in their souvenir shop as you head out.

With plenty of summer still left to go, grab your tix and bring the whole family to the Paradox Museum to beat the heat. And don't forget your phone so you can capture the mind-blowing moments

Paradox Museum
American Dream
1 American Dream Way, East Rutherford
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