Tenafly Pediatrics Says Get Your Flu Shot ASAP

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You aren’t going to want to hear this, but it’s almost flu season again. Right. Let’s all give the collective UGH and then decide what we’re going to do about it. Tenafly Pediatrics says get your flu shot ASAP and here's why.

First, a few facts. The CDC estimates that 700,000 people were hospitalized with the flu last season. Additionally, in early 2018, cases of the flu maintained epidemic levels for 16, yes, 16 consecutive weeks. And now the bad news. The same strain of flu that hit us so hard last year is expected again this year. Yup, double UGH. 

So, what can you do to protect your family as best as possible? Dr. Darren Saks of Tenafly Pediatrics has some simple, straightforward advice. Get the Flu Vaccine. Like now.


Please allow us to address some of your “Buts”:

But isn’t it too early in the season? No. Not at all. In fact, Dr. Saks says it’s a gamble to wait. The flu vaccine is a prediction and since no one knows when the virus will really take hold and cases will become more frequent, there is no reason to wait or defer the vaccine. The sooner you get it, the quicker you will be protected from the disease. 

But how do I know if they got the right strain? You don’t. But the good news, according to Dr. Saks, is that this year’s flu vaccine was adapted to reflect the main strain of the virus they saw last year. And since they are predicting that the strain will be the same again for the 2018-2019 flu season, the vaccine is predicted to be more effective than it was last year. 

But what if I wait? Should I just skip it? No. Dr. Saks says that though it is preferable for you and your kids to get vaccinated early so you will be sure to be protected, it is never too late to receive the vaccination. 

But when can we get vaccinated? The vaccinations are available now. 

But I heard the mist is back? It is but Dr. Saks says you should be skeptical. After early clinical successes, the mist has not been proven as effective as the shot. It is still considered to be an inferior alternative and is recommended only in extreme or exceptional cases. Pediatricians are strongly suggesting that patients sit for the shot instead. 

But what else can I do to keep the team healthy this season? We hate to say it, but there’s no magic pill. However, good hygiene, hand washing, healthy eating and a good night’s sleep help. 


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