Temple Emanu-El Of Closter’s Fall Tot Programs (Dedicated Email)

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SCENE: You, seated at the kitchen table, slightly frazzled, with a worn-out expression on your tired face. The fall calendar in front of you contains nothing you find interesting, stimulating or worthwhile. Your toddlers are throwing food. Suddenly, the phone rings.

[VOICE OF SMALL CHILD] Hi, is your mommy home?
[YOU] This is she… [cue lowering of voice here] may I ask who’s calling?
[SMALL CHILD] I want to set up a play date… with you.
[YOU] Me?
[SMALL CHILD] It’s called a Mommy Play Date. Can you come over?
[YOU] Excuse me?
[SMALL CHILD] Sigh. A. Mommy. Play. Date. Where you can schmooze with other moms from our community. You know, like, meet new friends and have fun and stuff! We’re going to have monthly guest speakers too. Oh-oh-oh, and we also have a whole bunch of other classes and programs that I know you and your kids are really going to like. Like Tot Time, Playful Kitchen—where you get to cook and bake and eat—so yummy! And Music Together, which is my favorite. It’s for babies all the way up to 5 year-olds, and you get to sing, play games, explore musical instruments, and move around!! We’re in Closter, and while many of our programs focus on Jewish heritage and holidays, we’re open to everyone. Here’s the best part: If you become a Young Family member, you get a huge discount on all of our Pre-Kesem programs for kiddos ages 5 and younger. Can I put you down for a free demo class?
[YOU] [Scratching head because this might be too good to be true] Who is this?
[SMALL CHILD] [Grins] Temple Emanu-El!

Tamara M. Ween
Youth and Family Programs Director
Temple Emanu-El
180 Piermont Road
Closter - NJ 07624
201-750-9997 ext. 251


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