Taking the Indoor Playspace to New Heights (dedicated)

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You’ve got to climb it in order to believe it. A multi-story play space anchored to mammoth curved steel pipes and cantilevered to the wall of their three-story atrium, Liberty Science Center’s Infinity Climber is the world’s first suspended climbing play space of its kind.

With multiple routes to explore, Infinity Climber is a thrilling climbing gym for the 21st century. Surrounded by 19 miles of hand-threaded wire that forms a protective safety mesh, here’s an experience that dares you to climb, crawl, and balance your way through pathways, reaching as high as 35 feet above the atrium floor. Up to 50 children and adults can navigate the giant structure at once, allowing school groups and families to get moving together.

Just imagine the photo opportunities! Beautiful lighting throughout makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Parents can get great shots of the whole family from inside the Climber or from the exhibition floors.

Because the Infinity Climber is a very physical experience, only guests taller than 42 inches can be admitted. LSC’s I Explore exhibit has a smaller scale climbing structure for children ages 2 – 5, where kids and parents can explore hands-on activities, including a two-story ball machine maze, a car racetrack, and a Rock Xylophone made from hanging stone slabs. You can also sign up for weekday parent and child or preschool group classes and workshops in the first floor Young Learner Lab.

Liberty Science Center truly offers something for everyone in the whole family! Make a day of it, and be sure you build in time to catch an IMAX film, in the nation’s largest IMAX dome theater.

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