Support Your Child’s Love of the Arts With bergenPAC’s Early Childhood Programs [dedicated]

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Watch a toddler or a preschooler for even a few minutes and you'll probably notice that the performing arts come naturally to them. They'll belt out a tune, bust a move or have a full-on conversation with themselves (complete with hand gestures and head nods) on the regular. When it comes time to offer them the chance to further explore their artistic insticts, the Early Childhood Music, Dance and Theatre Programs at bergenPAC in Englewood, New Jersey is the place to go. This comprehensive early childhood program serves children ages 3 months to 5 years and lays the foundation to creat lifelong learners and passionate consumers of the arts. 


Children enrolled in the interactive Early Childhood Music program will be exposed to a mix of traditional and contemporary songs from around the world. They'll get a chance to play instruments, explore rhythms and patterns, and participate in musical activities that expose them to various languages and help develop their fine and gross motor skills. Best of all, classes in the Music program include a parent or caregiver so adults get to join in the fun as well.


bergenPAC's littlest dancers in the Early Childhood Dance program will develop coordination, strength, flexibility and focus as their instivctive movements become intentional actions, or dance. Children from the age of 18 months will experience the joy and freedom of using their bodies to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions. And, they'll get their wiggles out during the months when being outside isn't quite as fun.


Who among us doesn't have a kid who's a little dramatic once in a while? Channel that instict through the bergenPAC Early Childhood Theater program. Offered to children ages 4 and 5, the creative drama activities are full of play, movement, music and, most importantly, creative story telling. Theater classes help support children's social, emotional, cognitive and creative play skills as well as helping in the development of language, problem solving and self-expression skills. 


For more information about all the Early Childhood programs at the bergenPAC Performing Arts School, visit their website or call 201.482.8194 ext. 78. Registration is now open for the Winter, Spring and Summer sessions. A love of the arts is one of the best gifts you can give your little performer. They'll thank you for the rest of their life!

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