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Did you ever wish you had a genie who could magically answer decorating questions as they pop into your head?  Wait.  He actually exists.  Or should we say, they actually exist.

Who?  You ask.



Samantha Karageorge and Susan Berkey, the mother and daughter duo behind S&S Designs, an interior design and e-decorating firm located right here in Bergen. 

Have a burning query as to where to place your precious side table handed down from crazy Aunt Sally?  In a quandary as to which color throw pillows would set off your new couch and area rug?  Not sure where to place (hide) your husband’s beloved armchair from his college days?  No matter.  Simply upload pictures of your space and photos of styles you like, fill out a questionnaire and voila!  You will receive an email with the designers’ recommendation delivered right to your inbox. 

Oh, and did we mention the cost for this service?  Free. 

And here’s one more bit of magic.  If you like the advice doled out by these designing divas, you can tap into their vast array of experience and hire them to decorate a room, or even your whole house.  Their specialties include kid’s rooms and nurseries, but they can do it all.  So next time you’re in a panic about what size coffee table to purchase or you just need a second opinion about which frames should adorn your new bookcase, fire off an email to S&S. 

Then close your eyes, say a magic word or two and check your inbox. 

Wish granted.

BERGENMAMA OFFER:  1 free hour of consultation with a mention of Bergenmama. Offer expires December 31, 2010.

S&S Designs
(201) 321-9932

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