She’s Makin’ Her List


IF you make it through Thanksgiving without burning dinner or falling asleep during Uncle Ned’s rambling about how the internet has destroyed the world, then you will wake up Friday morning, still weary from the tryptophan-laced turkey, faced with one more dilemma. 

How to give great gift.

Well, BergenMama has made her list, and checked it twice.  Here are some of our favorites. 

For the Burgeoning Bundle:  Two San Franciscan Mamas collaborated to found this eco-friendly toy company with their own kids in mind.  These stuffed toys are just as soft as they are safe, so you won’t flinch when your little one is teething away on lamby’s droopy ear.  (Apple Park’s Picnic Pals available online for $48)
BERGENMAMA OFFER:  After your purchase, email with a mention of BergenMama for a free copy of their new board book. 

For the Touch-Happy Toddler:  Got a tot who loves to ask “why?”  Well, they’ll get lots of answers on their “journey” to NYC with characters like Otto, Casey the suitcase, and little Blink.  Grab the Gift Set, which includes Look Out World’s award winning DVD, Activity Book and Otto plush toy, all packed in a nifty little suitcase for your family’s next adventure.  Great for winter travel! (Available online or at select Learning Express stores for $39.95)
BERGENMAMA OFFER: Use code MAMA15 when purchasing on-line for 15% off!

For the Trendy Tween:  She may seem young but she has definite opinions about what she wants to wear.  Get her wardrobe-ready for your winter vacation with Lemon’s spankin’ new resort tees.  Maybe going away with mom and dad isn’t so bad after all.(Available at Marcia’s Attic, 29 N.Dean Street, Englewood or online at Fearless and Freckles, $35)

For the Adorned Apple of Your Eye:  How many silly bands does it take to drive a mama crazy?  We’re not sure, but we know we’re there.  Fast forward to the next trend in kid baubles:  Mogo Charmbands. Customize with magnetic charms like your child’s initials,hearts and skulls.  (Available at Pumpkin and Bean, 55 N. Dean Street, Englewood, charmbands $15 and magnetic charms $4.99 each)

For the Shameless Shooter:  Think Nerf but safer and sweeter.  Your resident gun slinger will only be shooting out yummy puffs of marshmallows from the barrel of this gun.  Teach him (or her) that killing with sweetness really is a better option.
(Marshmallow Blaster; Camo Blaster, Available at select Learning Express stores, $27.95)

For the Budding Boarder:  After watching this year’s winter Olympics it was boarding this and boarding that.  Thank you Shaun White.  Let your kid try the shred with minimal commitment.  Pick up Burton’s After School Special, a bag including boots, binding and a board all ready for their first run.  (Available at Mt Everest, 318 3rd Ave., Westwood, $299)

For the Habitual Hipster:  You knew there would come a day when their fashion sense would outstrip yours.  Let them personalize their footwear choice this winter, and hook your teen up with an appointment at The NikeiD Studio in NYC, where they can work one-on-one with a design consultant to create a unique pair of kicks that are “off the hook”.  (Customization available at NikeiDStudio at 6 E57th Street, 212-891-6454 or go fully customized at the bespoke studio at 21 Mercer St. 212-262-5433, prices start at $225)

Next task, find out who’s been naughty or nice.

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