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Forty-five minutes may not seem like a ton of time, but turns out it’s more than enough to get in a highly effective, personalized, zero-impact, total-body strength-training workout at the “Best Health Club of 2017” (best of Bergen) Corefire, in Ridgewood. 

Angela McCaffrey and Caitlin DiRuggiero are both Jersey girls and childhood best friends who brought the concept back to the Garden State in 2014 after they discovered the method while living in San Diego. The strength-training workout is based on the MegaformerTM—a patented machine built with a moving carriage connected to resistance springs and pulleys that each individual controls throughout the workout. They figured that if they had finally found a results-oriented workout they enjoyed doing, chances were other fellow Jerseyites would too. “We never loved working out, so when we found something that stuck, we knew we had to bring it home,” says McCaffrey. “We opened Corefire with the goal of creating the most efficient, effective, inviting and safe ​experience to strengthen every single body and brain.”

Corefire effectively strengthens your body and brain not just in every session, but in every single move. While it’s intense on the muscles, it’s​ also extremely ​safe as it’s form focused, low-impact, and ​liberating to the joints. McCaffrey and DiRuggiero promise that their workout (that’s been winning awards and creating buzz since they launched it​ in Upper Montclair​) is the best you’ll ever experience. Their entire mantra is “COME AS YOU ARE”, so definitely don’t worry if you’re a beginner. Since the sessions are small and coach-crafted, Corefire welcomes every level of fitness, ranging from those who’ve never exercised before to pro​fessional ​football players. Eeach class is limited to just 11 people, which means you’ll get step-by-step guidance from certified Corefire coaches, who’ll help you develop your internal strength by guiding your natural ability to resist and counter-resist movements in various positions. 

The list of benefits is vast, from cardiovascular endurance to increased strength to better balance and even a bit more mindfulness in your life. If you’re still on the fence, we’re about to push you to the good side: Bergen Mama readers who are new clients will get a free week of unlimited sessions ​PLUS ​20 percent off your first purchase​ thereafter. You’ll need to sign up before the deal expires on December 1, but we have a feeling that won’t be a problem.

How to Redeem Free Week of Corefire:
2) Click "Let's Do This"
3) Create a free login and activate "Bergen Mama Corefire Week" for ridgewood only.
4 ) Schedule your sessions! 3-4 a week is optimal. 
5) If you love the burn and we've earned your business, email helpme@mycorefire.com for a 20% discount code on any regularly priced package! 
Questions? Email helpme@mycorefire.com

Corefire, 195 South Maple Ave, Ridgewood, NJ, (973) 744-0510

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