Soda Scan Bulk Groceries Delivered to Your Home in NJ (dedicated)

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Are you the shopper who avoids buying in bulk because you don’t have time to visit the physical therapist after you tweak out your back lugging heavy items into and out of the cart, car, and into your house? Yep, if this is you, or you’re one late night diaper run away from a wrecked marriage, you’ll definitely want to take SodaScan - an app that gets your essentials (drinks, wholesale/bulk health and beauty items, household items and paper goods)  delivered- for a test drive.

What the fizz? No, it’s not a new kind of cocktail (urp) but an app that allows you to get your family’s essentials delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours. No browsing, or logging in required, just open your SodaScan app, find your most-used products already inside your home, and check-out from your kitchen, couch, garage, fridge, or walk-in pantry. Easy! Top brands, bulk quantities, and a stress-free ordering process that can be completed during the first few minutes of naptime.

But before we got too carbonated over this new service (and completely ran out of toilet paper), we decided to put the service to the test. Here’s what we discovered: after a speedy free app download, and a quick input of our vitals (address, phone, etc.) we then shopped the extensive list of well-priced essentials: Poland Spring Water, Bounty Paper Towels, Pellegrino, Tide Detergent, and Huggies, just to name some of the brands we already know and love that are in stock and ready to ship.

Oh, and we forgot to mention one more perk- shipping is FREE.

We’re feeling pretty bubbly over this one.

Soda Scan App
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