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Spring cleaning can be wonderful, at least when it’s over and your house feels all shiny and new in time for summer. The cleaning part we can handle (and there’s nothing like wiping away a layer of dust on a light fixture or hosing off a coating of muck from your patio furniture), but the organizing part? Well, that’s when we realize that we literally don’t have enough room for all our stuff. And despite that whole Marie Kondo does it spark joy? song and dance, just because we want to free up some room in our garage doesn’t mean we’re willing to part with the things that are important to us. That’s where Westy Self Storage comes in. The company has revolutionized the self-storage industry, offering storage units in clean, light, bright buildings protected by state of the art security systems and manned by uniformed staffers seven days a week during access hours.


Westy operates 15 centers throughout the Tri-State area, including three Bergen County locations in Hackensack, Norwood, and Upper Saddle River so it couldn’t be more convenient to store away some of your things this spring. The crew there will help you figure out the perfect storage unit for your needs, whether you’re looking for a place for boxes of memorabilia or full rooms of furniture that you’ll want when you buy that new house with a finished basement someday.

The Westy folks can connect you with area movers and offer truck rentals to make the process even easier. Each unit comes with an individual lock that only you have the key to and Westy also offers month-to-month leases. So, if you suddenly stumble into that house of your dreams or your husband decides to be a dear and give you both master closets, you can simply move your stuff out of storage with no obligation. Fingers crossed ... but in the meantime, there’s Westy.


Visit or call for more information.


Westy Self Storage
95 Hudson Ave
Norwood, NJ 07648
Westy Self Storage
65 Commerce Ave
Hackensack, NJ 07601
Westy Self Storage
200 Route 17 North
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
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