Renew Your Resolutions with an Englewood Health Wellness Coach [dedicated]

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Hey, remember back on New Year’s Eve when you made all those resolutions about how you were going to eat healthier, exercise more, and generally take control of your wellness? How’s that going for you? If you’ve lost some of your uh, resolve, there’s good news. We’re almost exactly halfway through the year and there’s no better time than summer, with the warmer weather, longer days and less frantic schedule for you to recommit to your wellness goals. But don’t go it alone. Instead, enlist the help of a personal wellness coach through Englewood Health’s Graf Center for Integrative Medicine. 


Your personal wellness coach will be with you every step of the way as you make the choice to initiate and sustain change. These trained professionals use face-to-face meetings and a series of conversations to help clients identify goals, explore motivations and consider obstacles. Together, you and your coach will develop a personalized picture of success called a “wellness vision”. Then, once your objective has been identified, your coach will help you reach it by creating an action plan made up of a series of short-term goals that help change habits gradually and incorporate new behaviors for the long term. 


So, what does that actually mean for you? Well first of all, your wellness coach will help you consider all aspects of your health – physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Because sometimes it just takes an active, open listener (and the willingness to hear their feedback) to identify the triggers that have made permanent change elusive. Then, your wellness coach can work with you to map out a series of small changes that will lead to big and lasting results. 


It also means that you will have somebody on the journey with you whose only job is to care about and be fully invested in your success. You will check in with them during weekly face-to-face meetings that will be an opportunity to review your progress, discuss challenges and make the adjustments necessary to help you stay on track. Not for nothing, these meetings will also give you permission to make yourself and your wellness a daily priority. Not always easy to do when you are busy adulting. 


Listen, you deserve this. You deserve to have someone understanding and compassionate in your corner, cheering you on. With a Graf Center Wellness Coach, you will have the added benefit of having someone who can also challenge and assist you with techniques that are supported by training and research. If you’re ready to recommit to change, make an appointment for a 90-minute introductory session with a Graf Center for Integrative Medicine wellness coach. After this session, your coach will create a plan, including a schedule of follow up visits, tailored to your unique goals and needs. Good luck and Happy Summer New Year!


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