Reenergize Your Wellness Routine at Let Loose in Montvale

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You’ve settled into your fall groove, are back to your regularly scheduled butt-kicking workouts, and have even embraced meal prep Sundays like a pro. But if you’re looking to ramp up your wellness program even further, you’ll want to head straight for Let Loose in Montvale. The state-of-the-art center is filled not just with cutting-edge treatments, technology, and equipment, but a trained team of pros that can work with you to personalize services to help you meet – and surpass – your health and wellness goals.


If you’ve tried yoga and massage therapy, but are still dealing with low back pain, tight hips or shoulders, mobility issues, poor posture, or the plethora of troubles that come with spending much of your workday sitting at a computer, you’ll want to try Let Loose’s Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), which starts at the joint capsule and focuses on planes of tissue, lines of muscles, and fascia, rather than individual muscles. And when you’re about to get taken out of commission by nasty stuff like jet lag, migraines, and post-GNO hangovers, it’s time to make an appointment for Vitamin Infusion Therapy. Can’t make it off the couch? (No judgment, we’ve all been there.) Let Loose’s concierge service will come to you for an extra fee.


Let Loose also offers the wellness panacea Cryotherapy,, which works to energize your body through pulsations of nitrogen mist at a temperature of negative 220 degrees Fahrenheit. The safe and effective treatment’s benefits are vast. It can reduce pain and inflammation, boost metabolism, improve sleep, and even stimulate collagen production. And then there’s EMSCULPT, a non-surgical body-contouring device that sounds too good to be true, but does, indeed, live up to its hype. The treatment can lift butts and sculpt abs with a single 30-minute session that’s the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats. No, that’s not a typo, but it’s also not a number we’re ever going to come close to, so Let Loose, here we come ...


Let Loose 
20 Chestnut Ridge Road, Montvale 
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