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Sorry, dance moms, but miming your preschooler’s choreography while she’s on stage at her recital does not qualify as exercise. You’re on the right track, though. Take a page from your little twinkletoe and pirouette over to the recently opened Pure Barre in Wyckoff for a fun fitness class that will have you cutting footloose (and likely more than a few pesky pounds), no tutu required.

So, what sets the nation’s largest barre studio franchise apart from the others? Signature moves that are protected by signed waivers upon registering for classes. Like clenching the mat between your thighs until your legs are shaking and the curated dance beats that accompany each set. And the fact that this particular studio is one of over 200 Pure Barre studios throughout the country that are actually corporate owned. And don’t worry, Pure Barre still gives you a full-body, low-impact sweat session that will totally transform, tighten, and tone every inch of your body from head to toe. Trust me, I took my first class here last week, and it was fantastic! With my legs shaking and my core on fire, I definitely understood why Pure Barre’s tagline is “lift, tone, burn.”

Sounds awesome, right? Better still, to celebrate its grand opening, Pure Barre is offering special promotional pricing on their full schedule of group and specialty classes. But you’d better bust a move, mamas, their dance card is sure to fill up fast!

Helaine Kay is the Fitness Editor for Bergen Mama and while she’s not breaking a sweat she’s caring for her 3 kids.

Pure Barre Wyckoff
319 Franklin Ave, Wyckoff

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