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It's officially fall, y'all. You know what that means, don't you? Pretty soon, you're going to be spending all your free time raking the eleventy hundred leaves that have fallen in your front yard and climbing ladders to try and clear out your overloaded gutters before the next "storm of the centry" that now seems to occur at least once a year. Leaf Free Home Improvement can't help you with the raking, but they can definitely give you some peace of mind about your gutters. While they're at it, they can also secure your home against the next Ida with an exterior makeover that includes a snug, dependable roof, new siding and energy efficient windows. 


Leaf Free Home Improvement, a family-owned and operated business servicing New Jersey and New York, has been helping homeowners protect their homes from the elements for over 20 years. They use only the best products available, including their Leaf Free gutter system, part of the K-Guard gutter family. These gutters are made of strong gauge aluminum and are held in place with high-impact, all-weather polymer hangers that keep the gutters from losing their shape. Leaf Free gutters are hinged and seamless, custom formed on site for a tight fit to your home. The best part? They look like crown molding, come in a variety of colors and keep birds, squirrels and other animals and insects out.


But you know what happens when you make one part of your house look nice and new. One thing leads to another and all of a sudden you have a long list of other projects you need to do. So, when you decide it's time to upgrade your roof or replace your siding or stone veneer, the team at Leaf Free will help you determine the best, most durable, reliable materials for your job. They are a leading room contractor in the area, known for their high-quality materials and understanding of the best roofs for our climate and elements: like rain, snow and ice. As for siding, Leaf Free offers products like Certain Teed custom vinyl siding and HardiePlank siding, a fiber cement product that is so durable, you won't have to replace your siding again for up to 50 years.


Superior products are great and all, but what makes Leaf Free Improvements unique is their client service. Because they have their own crews and the ability to manage all projects in-house, they are able to closely manage all their jobs without outsourcing or having to wait for other service providers to do their part of the work. This leads to a quicker, less stressful experience for you, the homeowner. Leaf Free crews are on time, tidy and efficient. As a business that values quality, honesty and professionalism, Leaf Free is committed to keeping their clients for life. They rely on referrals for over 50 percent of their new business, so it's imperative that you are so happy with their work, you recommend them to your friends.


If it's time for you to give your house a little facelift, or if you need help repairing exterior damage from recent storms, give Leaf Free Home Improvements a call. They offer free consultations, a detailed estimate for the cost of labor and materials required for the work, and the service of securing all permits for the work that needs to be performed. Which means that you get a house you don't have to worry about, even if you do still have to rake some leaves in the yard!

Leaf Free Home Improvements
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