Prenatal Massage and More at Paramus Medical & Sports Rehab Center (dedicated)

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You probably already know about the benefits of Pilates – from improving core strength to increasing flexibility to relieving back pain, so it makes sense that the practice can be especially helpful for pregnant women and new mothers. That’s why Paramus Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Center offers a custom-tailored pre-natal and post-natal Pilates therapy program it offers along with its pre-natal and postpartum massage therapy services (and we know we don’t have to sell you on all the reasons you should be getting a massage.)

For expectant moms, the center’s Pilates therapy can strengthen the body and prevent lower back and stomach pain as well as strengthen the pelvic floor musculature to help with a healthier delivery and bladder control throughout the pregnancy. And –  bonus – the controlled inhalation and exhalation techniques can come in handy for relaxation and stress relief during labor and delivery. Post-Natal Pilates has tons of benefits for new moms, too (besides simply getting some time out of the house to yourself). The core-strengthening and flexibility-focused sessions can help you regain abdominal strength, aide your body’s recovery from childbirth, and speed up the process of getting back to pre-baby shape.


Now for the really fun part: Paramus Medical and Sports Rehabilitation Center has trained its therapists in Prenatal Massage to make sure you’re positioned and supported in a way that’s comfortable during your pre-natal massage while targeting the circulatory and lymphatic systems to keep blood flowing, stabilize hormone levels, and relieve tension. Postpartum massage, meanwhile, can help realign body weight and tone belly skin while relieving muscle tension and get you relaxed (for a little while, anyway). And since the folks there know you may have a little one (or more) in tow, they offer complimentary child care during your services.

Paramus Medical and Sports Rehabilitation Center is offering Bergen Mama readers a complimentary Pre- or Post-Natal Pilates therapy session and 50% off a one-hour pre-natal massage (a $70 Value -  OBGYN Clearance Letter Required – Limit One Gift Certificate Per person - Federal & Medicare Exempt)

Because you deserve it ... but you knew that.

Paramus Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Center
205 Robin Road, Suite 118, Paramus
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