Out-of-the-Box Workouts to Get You Pumped Up

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For some people, working out regularly brings a sense of routine, calm and stress-relief, and is easily ingrained into a daily schedule. For others, the monotony of hitting the gym is a struggle, and often a lack of motivation takes over. But before you label yourself as the anti-exerciser, consider for minute that perhaps it's not you, it's the workout. Switch gears, get creative and try a new exercise routine that makes your excited and interested, rather than filled with dread. We rounded up some unique workouts that will make you sweat and keep you coming back for more.


Salsa Dancing

Get your Dancing With the Stars on at Sizzling Salsa of New Jersey in Englewood and Tenafly. Salsa lessons are offered three days a week, for beginners to more seasoned salsa dancers. Choose from classes including Bachata Basic and Salsa Basic for beginners, or Advanced Salsa. Plus, each week they hold a special dance social so dancers can practice the skills they've learned in class. Dancing is a great way to burn calories while having fun -- without staring at a clock.


Anti-gravity Aerial Yoga

Yoga is known for increasing muscle strength and flexibility, as well as improving mental health and reducing stress. If you've tried yoga and thought it wasn't for you, take a look a these next-level yoga classes. Anti-gravity, aerial yoga uses an AntiGravity Hammock to give you a low-impact, safe, total-body workout in a calm, peaceful environment. Cool Hot Yoga in Cresskill offers AntiGravity Yoga/Fitness classes plus AntiGravity Restore, Stretch, and Decompress classes. Just over the border in Nyack lives Soul Flyte, a boutique studio offering AntiGravity Aerial Yoga, AntiGravity Flying Fitness and AntiGravity AIRBarre to help you reach new heights.


Water Workouts

The only thing better than getting fit on land is getting fit at sea (or, at pool). Make a splash and take your next workout to the water at one of Fountain Fitness Center's H2O classes, which make exercise fun and easy on the joints and body, while providing a more challenging exercise than on land due to the heavier resistance of water versus air. Try their H2O Fit water aerobics class, the H2O HIIT class that build endurance and tone, or the H2O Extreme strength training class, among others. 


Mommy and Me Workouts

Moms with little ones may often find it hard to step away for a workout, so why not just involve your babe in the workout? Fit4Mom Bergen County offers Stroller Barre, Stroller Strides and Strides 360, among other classes, that you can do with your little one in tow. These effective classes provide total-body, strengthening workouts in a convenient way, plus program plans that cater to every new mom's busy schedule. The best part, according to owner Jamie DeMartino? The community and connection that develops. Classes are built to help develop three points of connection: mom to self, mom to baby, and mom to mom. Plus, with weekly playgroups, monthly mom social events and a private Facebook group, your new mom squad will help motivate you to stay on track.


Workouts With a Finite Goal

The best way to stay motivated and inspired, without bailing after the first class? With friends by your side, of course. Plus, having a tangible group goal that you can accomplish together will have you aching (perhaps, literally) to achieve it. Fitness With Friends' Couch to 5K Program, a new, weekly class which kicks off on March 29, offers a fun and safe group environment to learn proper running technique through warm-ups, walk-run progression, body weight exercises and a cool down. As an added benefit, instructor Jenny K will provide additional running workouts you can do on your own schedule during the week. The 10 week, non-competitive program culminates in the "team" running in the Tenafly 5K run on June 5th. By the race's end, you'll be running toward your next fun fitness experience.

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