Our Roundup of Bergen DJs, Entertainers, Event Florists, and Photogs

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You’ve been there before. The party is hoppin’, everyone is dancin’ and
then, all of a sudden – boom boom *splat*, the party isn’t all that.

From Bar Mitzvahs to Baptisms, here’s how to take your party over the top – and
keep it there:

Mixmaster-turned-entertainment provider extraordinaire Total Entertainment will not only bring in da noise, they will also bring in entertainers, games, photobooths and treat stations, plus any other bell and whistle their clients can dream up.  The team is always on trend with what’s hot in the industry (they just opened a second location in downtown Manhattan this year), and are known for their attention to detail and service- don’t be surprised if owner/founder Marc Jason pops into your event to check that everything is running smoothly.  (Total Entertainment, 212-684-0060, with locations in Carlstadt and NYC)

Bring the garden in (or out) with Visions Floral Design’s one-of-a-kind floral and tabletop designs.  Owners Sora Lee and Anthony Brown will work with your theme (and budget) to construct unique event décor, like moss covered benches and woven branches created for a recent NYC corporate event, or Lilies set in Ostrich Eggs for a holiday table. (Visions Floral Design, 201-245-6300)

Balloons can be works of art.  Not the crown or doggie kind, but artistically presented arcs, centerpieces and wall décor, in sizes and colors you didn’t know existed.  And who’s behind these capricious creations?  Jeff Fruman, a 20 year balloon veteran and founder of Balloon Artistry, who will decorate any room, hall or table and instantly turn on the festive. (Balloon Artistry, 845-352-2828)

Every guest’s favorite course should be front and center at any fete.  For themes whimsical to patriotic, and everything in between, Sweet Tablescapes has got your party ass-ets covered.  Monochromatic macaroons, Color-coordinated Cookies and Candy-filled-Canisters, are labeled and fancifully displayed on dessert tables so drool-worthy that even your most health conscious guests will indulge.  (Sweet Tablescapes, 347-852-0995)

Now that you’ve planned the perfect party, make sure you treasure and save those memories so they last.  We love how Orrin Pindgren’s images capture party-goers at their best (or are touched up to make them look that way).  The former fashion photog, who has now expanded his repertoire to include events, will shoot your party and send you a selection of beautiful images at a price so reasonable, you can invite those extra few guests. (Orrin Photography, 845-558-6778)

Now, that’s the way we make a party go boom boom “pow”.

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