Not Your Ordinary Italian


“Cockles?” we asked as we perused the menu at Campania in Fair Lawn. The mere mention of the term brought us back to Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.  But when the waiter politely explained that this was the culinary term for small clams, we knew we were going to be in for a very different gastronomic adventure.

If you drove down Broadway in Fair Lawn, you would see some typical stores, gas stations and mini-marts and definitely NOT think of going out for an evening here.  But as we made our way into Campania on a Saturday night, the place was bustling with large groups and some not so large, but everyone universally having a good time.  Whatever you do, remember its BYOB. So come with your bottle or bottles (ahem, you know who you are), and order off the eclectic, diverse menu.  Every meal is cooked to order, and it tastes it.

Take a chance and order the Pollo Campania or Seasonal Fish, or heck, give those Cockles a try.  Don’t feel so daring?  Don’t worry; Chef Joe will cook all of the typical southern Italian dishes you love on request. 

After dinner, settle in with a cappuccino and one of Jessica’s confections, like her home-made gelato and reflect on the delicious meal you’ve just devoured.  You’re really part of the family now.

And to think two hours before you didn’t even know what a cockle was!

And if the above wasn’t enough to get you to Campania, reservations can be made at

17-15 Broadway, Fair Lawn

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