Bergen County’s REAL Weight Loss Solution (dedicated)

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It's that time of year when the allure of fad diets and quick fixes can be particularly strong, but it is possible to make weight loss resolutions that you can actually keep. Gladys Ditroia, founder of The Real Deal: Weight Loss for Real Life, has been delivering sustainable results for over 15 years. Members rave that the program is easy and fits into their busy lifestyles as Moms, personal chauffeurs and chefs to demanding tiny customers, busy executives, or all of the above!

To start the year off right, Gladys offers these tips to help you make your weight loss resolutions a reality:

- Ignore the Fads: Don’t be tempted by fad diets. Research proves conclusively that these types of diets do not lead to lasting results. Fad dieters end up in a cycle of losing, quitting because it was too hard, gaining the weight back, and starting over again. But there are ways to skip this unproductive cycle and this is the year for you to find out how.

- Stop looking for Fast: If it happens fast, it won’t last. Your program should be a way of living, something simple enough that you can sustain it forever. Lasting results only come from methods that fit your lifestyle. Too much compromise will mean you won’t have the motivation to stick with it and make it work. You can’t rush something that you want to last forever.

- Don’t rely on willpower: Willpower is fleeting and unreliable. Habits rule your life. Take the time to learn the skills and develop the habits that lead to lasting weight loss. People spend too much time focusing on the scale rather than changing the habits that will make a difference and show real progress.

- Have a plan: You need a reliable road map to achieve your weight loss goals. We all think we know what to do when it comes to losing weight. But though we know it, we often don’t actually do it. Find a program that will get you doing.

- Find support for your efforts. The secret sauce to weight loss is group support and accountability. One of the most powerful/effective things you can do to lose weight is to be part of a group of people on the same mission as you. Accountability will have you finally keeping the promises you make to yourself. Real Deal members cite the group’s accountability feature as the key to their success.


Stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Remember, if it’s not a way of eating you can maintain forever, it’s not going to work. The Real Deal is the weight loss program Bergen County women love because it is realistic and sustainable. You eat the food you like, you shop at regular supermarkets, you don’t have to make separate meals for your family (no one has time for that), and you can dine out and drink alcohol (because who doesn’t love a good Ladies Night Out once in a while).

The Real Deal made the difference for Bergen Mama, Kristin Glassman. Listen to her story, then join Gladys for her next Real Deal program, beginning on January 25th . There’s no better time to invest in yourself, your health, and your future. For more information, or if you have questions about whether The Real Deal is a good fit for you, please contact Gladys at If your New Year’s resolution is to focus on yourself, The Real Deal is a great place to start. See you on the inside!

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