Microblading Could Be the Answer to Your Eyebrow Woes

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Most of us have a complicated relationship with our eyebrows. They're often either unruly or way too thin. It's easy to overtweeze them to oblivion, get a bad wax job, or end up looking clownish with a few too many strokes of an out-of-control eyebrow pencil. Well, get ready to love your brows again. The secret? Something called microblading that we stumbled upon thanks to our slightly over-the-top obsession with the Instagram account of the brow-focused Precision Spa in Harrison, New York. While microblading may sound like a scary surgery involving a smallish scalpel, it's actually just a new form of cosmetic tattooing created specifically for the eyebrows.


And it's nothing like the severe permanent makeup of yesteryear. Microblading is done with a non-vibrating tool that uses a miniscule blade to place pigment in precise spots under the skin in order to create real-deal natural-looking brows. And since the pigment isn't deposited as deep as a regular tattoo, it isn't actually permanent and usually fades after one to three years (though you'll need to go in for a touch-up round about a month after your treatment to ensure that it lasts). Cost varies, but expect to spend between $500 and $1,000.



If you can't wait to jump on the microblading bandwagon, the good news is you don't have to go all that far. In addition to Precision Spa, we love the Camila Mello Beauty Bar in Livingston NJ. Or closer to home visit the Avarte Group, which just focuses on micropigmentation techniques like microblading, is based in Fort Lee but services Bergen County out of the  Aesthetic Rejuvenation Center in Englewood Cliffs. 

It's going to be a brow-tiful summer, we can tell already.

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