Meet The Winners of Our Mother’s Day Pampering Giveaway

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Mother, when used as a verb, means “to care for and protect with kindness and affection”. It’s sort of our superpower. But sometimes even the strongest of mothers need to be mothered themselves. Meet the three winners of Bergen Mama’s Ultimate Mother’s Day Pampering Giveaway. These ladies, who have endured hardship with a smile and who give so much of themselves every other day of the year, will each receive the gift of a day just for them. They’ll be indulged with a massage from Massage Envy Closter, a luxe organic mani/pedi from our pals over at Karma Organic, a sleek blowout from the dolls at Bisous Beauty Bar and a gift card to the skin gurus over at EstheticaMD where they will leave glowing.


We wish them and all of our readers the happiest of Mother’s Days!

Read on to hear about their amazing stories.

After a freak accident in December 2016 when she slipped in her kitchen, Christine was left with limited movement and is confined to a wheelchair. We were touched by this mom of 11 year old twins appeal for a day of pampering, not for her, but for her mom who has been taking care of her and looking out for her kids during this challenging time.


When we read mom Jackie's reason for needing a day to herself- we totally got it! Please, please, please pick me!!! I am a full-time working mama. I have two boys; 11 months old and two years old. I turned 40 this year and having had two active, big and strong babies back to back has been insane! I have sacrificed so much for these boys. I love them with all my heart but have practically zero time for myself. I'm a full time teacher teaching young English language learners all day. I love my job, but man, has it been hard to function on a few hours of sleep. My little guy just had surgery and started physical therapy for his neck and started wearing a helmet for a little bit of flatness on his head. My boys have had back to back sicknesses including RSV, pneumonia, croup and bronchiolitis. I have taken them both to the ER with 105 temperatures and labored breathing. We've had X-rays and used nebulizers to to try to figure out and solve problems. After all that, I was sent to the ER myself by ambulance from work in February. I had blurred vision and my blood pressure shot up. I've always been healthy and in good shape, but taking care of these boys, my husband, dog, house and working has taken its toll. It ended up that I had an occular migraine which was brought on by stress, lack of sleep, lack of water, exercise and probably too much wine. I started doing yoga and trying to get massages to relax and to de-stress but it's so hard to find the time. I have always tried to maintain my hair, nails, and skin, but my boys have needed me so much. I would be so grateful for all of these services! These are my favorite things to do that make me feel so much better. I need to take some time to focus on myself so that I can be the best mom to my boys. Please pamper me Bergen Mama!!! Thank you, xo Jackie
Our third winner is Allison, and here's why she needs a day of pampering.
Mother's Day is a tough holiday for me since I lost my mom 2 years ago. I suffer from depression and have fallen apart, neglecting myself because every ounce of energy I can muster goes towards taking care of my 2 boys and husband. I have finally made a vow to my family to try to take of myself as they grow increasingly worried about me. When I just saw your contest and read through the prize, I felt something inside me stir, a feeling of longing for something that I haven't felt in years. My mother's day wish for myself is to do something for myself that will make me feel better and get me back on track with my life so I don't miss another precious moment that I have been given. Winning this contest would be amazing, but even if I don't, I want to thank you for the spark of hope you have given me. Thank you for holding a fabulous contest and have a Happy Mother's Day!
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