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It’s a new year and that means the harried, exhausted, overworked mom from 2017 has left the building. The new 2018 mom? She’s taking care of herself. She’s relaxed and calm. She’s eating well and sleeping at night and she feels good! How did 2018 mom reach this state of zen? She found The Graf Center for Integrative Medicine. You can read about all their services here. The whole center is amazing, but 2018 mom, she’s discovered their meditation classes.

That’s right, meditation. Everyone is talking about it and how good it feels. Mark Van Buren, one of the instructors, describes meditation as “cultivating the art of leaving things alone.” We’ve all got plenty of things to leave alone, right? But how do you achieve this state? Well, The Rodgers Family Meditation program at The Graf Center for Integrative Medicine has some new classes to help you.

On Mondays, the center offers a class on using mediation to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. The instructor teaches you simple techniques to relax the body and center the mind. Then you learn how to bring these techniques into your daily life to boost your mood and manage your stress. Aggravating coworker? Tantruming toddler? No problem –

2018 mom knows how to keep her cool.

The Graf Center also offers classes for well-being and weight loss, Reiki, massage and meditation, acupuncture, and the healing power of sound. Some meditation classes are geared toward pre- and post-surgery patients, and some are even offered in Spanish.


2018 is here and it’s time to tackle this wellness business and make it a priority. It’s time to learn some new stress-management skills so you can keep your cool and have the best year possible. So, visit The Graf Center for Integrative Medicine’s site and schedule an appointment with a practitioner, or register for a class or another event. You can see the schedule here: 2018 Mom says you won’t regret it.

The Graf Center for Integrative Medicine
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