Massage Envy’s New Closter Plaza Spot is GORGEOUS (dedicated)

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The new Closter Plaza is at it again, with yet another business we love to frequent … the just-revamped, state-of-the-art Massage Envy Closter space now boasts a beautiful member lounge and 15 treatment rooms, including two rooms dedicated to couple's massages. So now after you shop, you can drop in to get ahh-mazing massages and facials because, well, you deserve some R&R time for yourself too, right?

If you're new to Massage Envy, well, it's different than your usual one-and-done kinda' place. For those looking to get massages (or facials, which are offered too) on a regular basis (and who isn't?), you can become a member and get unlimited massages and facials at a special member rate, which you can use at any of ME's 1,100+ locations, along with discounts for family members, specials on Murad products, and even free benefits when you refer friends.

Besides the fact that it feels good…and gives you an hour (or 90 minutes!) of blissful silence, there are lots of other tangible benefits to getting a massage or facial on a regular basis. Massage helps with chronic pain by working out muscle tension; increases circulation, which helps flush toxins from the body; improves posture by loosening muscles and joints; and – our favorite – reduces stress, which can affect heart health and blood pressure in the long-run.

Massage Envy offers a slew of different customized versions depending on what you like or how you're feeling that day, from the popular Swedish massage, which uses light to medium pressure to help clients relax, to a more intense deep tissue style, meant to release chronic muscle tension. There's also prenatal and reflexology, which focuses on points in the hands and feet to especially relieve stress. Massage Envy facials and massages are customized to clients' needs and you can even add on ahhh-inducing extras like an exfoliating hand treatment or aromatherapy essential oils.


Plus with the holiday season approaching (or, actually, firmly here if you set foot in any store), Massage Envy Closter is giving a FREE $50 promotional card that YOU can use towards any service or product offered at the Massage Envy Closter Plaza location when you buy $150 in gift cards. Sounds like a win-win to us!

We can feel the stress melting away already.  

Massage Envy
51 Vervalen Street
Closter Plaza, Closter
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