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OK, it’s not as fun of a topic as spa treatments or shop openings, but it’s one many of us need to deal with at some point in our lives: relationship counseling. No marriage that we know of is perfect, and when a couple hits a bump in the road (some larger than others), there’s often no better way to figure out how to handle the issue and what next steps to take than in the neutral territory of a counselor’s office.

And if you don’t like the idea of marriage counseling (or maybe have tried it before and gotten little out of it), then that’s exactly where Counseling With a Difference comes in. Made up of a trio of licensed counselors, Sanya Bari, Jhiree Jones, and Brittany Bur, the group uses a more dynamic model in place of traditional counseling that can help individuals, couples and their kids tackle everything from divorce and infidelity to emotional trauma and sex addiction. As for that “Difference” part of it, the group’s protocol is laser-focused on making sure the sessions provide you with the tools, the answers, and the knowledge to completely heal, recover, solve the issue, and (best of all), never have to come back.


Worried your relationship is too far gone? It’s still worth giving their Discernment Counseling a shot. Being only one of three people to offer this unique protocol, with a maximum of five sessions (with some of the time dedicated to one-on-one counseling), they will figure out if your problems even are solvable and if a marriage has any chance at all of being saved, they will find a way to save it - providing you both with clarity on what work needs to be done and the confidence to make an informed decision that can, in many cases, truly save marriages.

While privacy is always of the utmost importance, Counseling With a Difference also offers Discreet Counseling Services that caters to those with a high public profile, allowing them to benefit from professional help without putting careers and reputation at risk.

Counseling With a Difference has four convenient locations throughout North Jersey, including their newest Bergen County location, along with virtual counseling services available.

Counseling With a Difference 
10 Forest Avenue, Suite 209, Paramus

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