Leslie Howard, Esq. Represents Doctors with Vigor

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Everyone needs an ally they can depend on to be by their side when things get tough. Someone who has a very clear vision of what is right. Someone who supports and acknowledges the value of their work. Someone who says, “I’m on your side.” Leslie Howard, Esq, the founder and managing partner of Cohen Howard LLP, in Tinton Falls, NJ is that person.  


As an attorney who knows that most medical professionals choose their career because they want to help heal people, Leslie Howard has dedicated herself solely to representing medical professionals, practice groups, hospitals and surgical centers. She works to increase their reimbursements from commercial insurance companies and third-party administrators for out-of-network services. Leslie understands that medical professionals prefer to spend their time with their patients and not battling to be fairly compensated for their services. She also understands that we’re all better off when doctors are able to spend more time keeping their patients healthy, or helping them recover. 


Howard learned this lesson about working for the greater good from her grandmother who, in the 1930s, lobbied the antecedent to the FDA to approve penicillin as a treatment for her ailing sister and others like her. Howard’s grandmother was unsuccessful but her tenacity, courage and conviction (not to mention that she was right about the benefits of penicillin) were strong influences on Howard as her own world view took shape. 


Today, Howard, along with her partner in business and in life, Matthew Cohen, her COO and the Thelma to her Louise, Amy Wilkins, and the mostly female-identifying staff of the Cohen Howard law firm, honors her grandmother’s legacy of risk-taking and standing up for what is right, both in the work she does and in her business philosophy. 


It is this philosophy that allows Howard not only to empower her clients, but also to empower her co-workers. As a working parent herself, Leslie Howard knows that parents, especially working mothers, do what they have to do to get the job done. A progressive workplace with policies and values that have always been ahead of their time, Cohen Howard welcomes parents, knowing that their “adaptability, approach and resolve” will make them successful. At Cohen Howard, the staff has a voice, makes contributions to the future of the company and, most importantly, has a “seat at the table”.


Leslie Howard is a woman on a mission. For her, there are glass ceilings to shatter, Goliaths to slay and strong values and morals that she, in her role as an entrepreneur and business owner, can model. Her motto when she started her firm was, “We fight like girls”. Clients and future employees can know that Leslie Howard has their back, “They can call me anytime and I will be there for them.” For more information about Cohen Howard, LLC, please visit their website

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