Kids Sports Classes in Bergen County NJ at Playmaker All-Stars (dedicated)

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Kids these days want all the sports with all the balls -- the balls they kick, the balls they bounce, the balls they hit with bats- you know the drill. So here’s our point: there are a lot of sports to do. And also, this: childhood is the time to try new things and build confidence and basic skills. So, give your kid a chance to try a variety of fun kids sports classes (and succeed!) with the best coaches at the new location of Playmaker All-Stars.

Athletics shouldn’t be about winning and losing, and they aren’t at Playmaker All-Stars. In these classes, kids can run their little bodies out, kick, throw and hit those balls, and feel good about themselves while they’re playing and learning. At Playmaker they know that children learn best when they’re engaged in the process and their personable coaches make sure kids love their sports classes. The group sizes are small, with no more than 12 children led by 2 or 3 coaches.

In the little Cubs class, kids, ages 2.5-3 years, get to play with hoops, scooters, balls, and hockey pucks. In the Rookies class, 3 and 4 year olds learn the basics of team sports with emphasis on key moves as well as fun and sportsmanship. The Juniors class is for 4-5 year olds and teaches the basic skills of individual teams – breaking down the sports to their teachable components and balancing learning and fun. The Pros class is for the big kindergarteners and focuses on a different sport for two weeks at a time. Finally, in the All Stars class, the 1st and 2nd graders are taught the basics of team sports on a rotating basis in a structured and engaging environment. If your little baller wants to hone in on their b-ball skills, Playmaker All-Stars also offers Basketball classes for kids ages Pre-K through 4th grade. 


And that’s not it. You want to know the best part? We’ve found the holy grail of children’s activities. Playmaker has moved into a new facility called IMPACT ZONE (yes, that is in all caps because it is THAT IMPORTANT). Here’s the thing… moms and dads can work out while the children are in class! That’s right. Two birds, one stone, right there, bam, done and done. What's even better is Playmaker All-Stars is affiliated with Performance Health – a sports medicine practice that provides patients with an individualized hands-on approach to health and wellness services.

OK, but really we were just kidding about that last best part because this really is the best part. The good people at Playmaker All-Stars are giving away a free session of classes. All you have to do is click here and enter to win!

Playmaker All-Stars
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