Karma Organic Spa Opens Second Location in Englewood

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You've probably already gone organic when it comes to certain things in your life – whether it's the milk your kids drink or the tomatoes you pick up at the summer farm stand (we're counting down the days until our local one opens, btw!). So how about trying an organic manicure? If you live in Bergen County, getting one just got a lot easier. Five years after opening the super popular Karma Organic Spa in Ridgewood, owner Nausil Zaheer has just launched a second location in Englewood. Like the first shop, this one uses only environmentally-friendly, non-toxic products, from its polishes to its skin care products down to its cleaning products. Even the polish removers are soy-based, non-carcinogenic, and free of petroleum.


As for the space itself, Zaheer has made sure everything – from the paint to the flooring – has been made with natural, non-toxic, and recycled materials. The spa is, of course, super clean, relaxing, and zen-like, and we guarantee to are going to sob just a little when you have to get up from the comfy arm chair you'll be vegging out in during your pedicure. In addition to an array of waxing services and yummy nail treatments (one combines mint and cucumber while another soaks your hands or feet in warm milk followed by a sugar scrub) the larger Englewood location will soon be offering facials and massages and selling its own organic products, including a rose water toner and heavenly pure lavender essential oil. Though Karma normally closes at 6pm on weekends and 7pm during the week, they're happy to stay open late for groups and it's a great spot for your little beauty buff's birthday. Best of all, they're open on Sundays … because football season is just four months away and nothing is a better antidote to a blaring game on TV than a silent, glorious (and organic!) pedicure.

Karma Organic Spa, 43 Park Place, Englewood, 201 871-0200

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