K Deer Haute Yogawear: Our Fitness Editor Gets a Peek Inside the GirlBoss’ Studio

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When it comes to gym clothes, it’s not just comfort that counts—it’s also about feeling fabulous. And right now, there’s nobody who’s helping women look their best more when they’re working on their fitness than Kristine Deer, the Westwood-based designer behind the revolutionary workout wear brand K-Deer.

Full disclosure: I’ve been raving about this brand since I first laid eyes on their funky-fresh-print leggings at Fire Shaper Yoga studio in Westwood. I could tell immediately these were not your typical yoga pants. Sleek and streamlined with flat fronts and a slightly higher waistline (bye, bye, muffin top!), K-Deer designs are the ultimate in style and comfort. At last count, I own 11 pairs, all of which have retained their color and elasticity after countless hours of wear and tear from cycling at the gym and downward dogging it in hot yoga.

So, how’d a nice girl from New Jersey find herself at the forefront of a workout wear revolution? Rather than freaking after losing her job as an assistant designer at John Varvatos, Deer was elated. A longtime Bikram devotee, she could finally focus all her energies on creating a line of yoga wear she felt was desperately missing from the market. 

First out of the gate were K-Deer’s signature “Bum Bum” shorts, which Deer literally hand-stitched in her bedroom. She started wearing the unique, sweat-proof shorts to her yoga class and her fellow flexers instantly fell in love. Once she started selling them on Etsy, word of mouth spread on social media, and her business was born. K-Deer has since become a family affair, with Deer’s sister Trina helping out with creating eye-popping prints, and moved production into a proper Westwood design studio (no outsourcing here—K-Deer clothing is proudly 100% NJ Made).

K-Deer has recently expanded to include kidswear and has a ton of cool new offerings launching this spring, including a new luxury line. Check out the entire line and learn more about this amazing brand at kdeerhauteyogawear.com.  And check out Kristin’s studio below.

Helaine Kay is the fitness editor of Bergen Mama, she is also a workout enthusiast and a mom of three.



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