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What do you get when you combine two former Rockettes who run a female-focused fitness studio, their "why doesn't anyone ever talk about this stuff" musings, and social media? A hilarious and no-holds-barred Instagram video series called Jane Says, which tackles equally real and hilarious topics ranging from the "tit pit" (you know, that pesky fold between your armpit and your boobs) to why compliments aren't like farts (you shouldn't hold 'em in!)


"We like to tell it like it is," says Jaycee Lambros, who founded fitness studios Jane DO with friend and business partner, Danielle DeAngelo, not just as a place where women could get a kick-ass dance-based workout in, but also as a safe haven where they can talk about anything judgment-free. That philosophy has now spilled over into the duo's videos where they muse about … everything and anything. "We were inspired by conversations with our clients and our trainers and our studio managers. People don't talk about that hair grows all over your body or that it's normal to pee your capris. It's finding comfort in the discomfort."


As for upcoming topics, they've got a looong list of stuff they want to get to. "We're not trying to be crass, but we just want people to feel like they're not alone … and we want people to be able to laugh about it," adds Lambros. "Anything you see is really an authentic topic. Like pack a pantyliner. It just makes life so much better."

Find JaneDo's Jane Says series on Instagram.

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