It’s Official iFly Paramus is Open!

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So, jumping out of an airplane isn’t really your jam but you’d love to know what it feels like to fly? Suit up, my friend! iFly Paramus is now open and after our visit at their media day we’re here to tell you exactly what to expect!

First a word about that crazy looking structure: iFly features a vertical wind tunnel that allows individuals ages 3 and up to experience the feeling of skydiving without having to actually jump out of a plane.

Arrive at iFly and after you finish the requisite we-won’t-sue-you paperwork, join the spectators around the vertical glass tube and watch as newbies try to stay afloat, more seasoned flyers practice their mad skillz, or instructors put on a high flying, breathtaking show.


Your flight time will begin with a full instructional and safety presentation in which participants are given an overview of their time in the wind tunnel and then are taught the basic moves for flying including the meaning of the hand signals instructors will use to help guide their flight.


Once you’ve been drilled on what you learned, head over to get suited up in full flight gear including the flight suit, helmet and goggles (no jewelry, long hair in a ponytail and don’t forget your earplugs, please!) before you’re led to the waiting area in the tunnel. PRO TIP: Get your pics now if you care about your hair. You’ll have some serious flyaways after your session!


Once inside, smile for the camera. Most flight packages include a video of your flight. And hold on to your breakfast – your instructor might just take you for a high fly by grabbing onto a leg and an arm and taking a tandem spin up into the air and then back down. Your group will be limited in size so that each participant will get two one-minute flight sessions.


Need to know even more of the exciting details? Check out our video here of our actual experience at iFly Paramus.


Instructors are friendly and careful, but all business. Each of them is an experienced flyer and so it’s important to them that visitors to iFly remain safe, learn something and, most importantly have fun.

iFly also offers birthday, group and field trip packages, a STEM education program and, in some locations a virtual reality experience. They also host All Abilities events during which individuals with physical or cognitive challenges are given an opportunity to fly aided by specially trained flight instructors who can make modifications and accommodations for a participant’s flight based on their individual needs.


And if you get hooked on flying? iFly has a flight school that enables students to learn a progression of flight skills with the benefit of one-on-one coaching by an experienced flight instructor.


Excited? So are we! Visit the iFly website to schedule your first flight.

211 E. Route 4, Paramus
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