Is Your Child Ready for Sleepaway Camp?  (dedicated)

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If you went to sleepaway camp as a kid, you probably remember all the good stuff: swimming for hours in the picture-perfect lake, roasting s'mores by the fire under the stars, staying up all night gabbing from your bunk bed. So you might think that choosing a sleepaway camp for your kids would rekindle some fond memories. As it turns out, it's just kind of a headache.

Camps are much more specialized these days, so one size no longer fits all and figuring out which one's right for your little mountaineer (or musician, or soccer player) isn't easy. You've also got to weigh a gazillion factors – from your child's age, interests and personality, to staffers to location to cost. (And let's face it, your own folks most likely only really paid attention to that last one. Sigh.)


And sure, asking other parents is always helpful, but the best advice of all is most likely to come from independent experts. In this case, that would be The Camp Experts & Teen Summers. Think of them as your sleepaway camp concierge. The advisory service (which is free, by the way), has researched and checked out literally thousands of summer camp programs from Jersey to Germany and can help guide you and your family to which experience is going to be the perfect fit for your soon-to-be camper. We sat down with local advisor Debbie Rosen-Alfonso to find out what you need to know to make sure your kids get the ultimate summer camp experience.

1.  How long do you and your child feel comfortable going away for?  Full term (7 weeks) or Partial (from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the program)?
2.  Will your child feel more comfortable in a co-ed program, single sex or brother/sister camp?
3.  Does your child require more structure in their day or more flexible with lots of room for choosing activities?
4.  What locations are you comfortable sending your child to?

Debbie, the Camp Expert, cautions against sending your child to a camp with just one type of activity at a young age. 

Visiting approximately 5 camps while in session and meeting the owners is recommended. 

So call Debbie for a FREE consultation today!

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