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Obviously, we all want to take the very best care of ourselves that we possibly can. We don’t like feeling exhausted, slow, or unwell. It’s just that we’re also pretty busy taking care of those little humans we share our homes with, and sometimes our needs are the ones that get neglected when there are only 24 hours in every day. If only there was someone who had our back in the health and wellness department and could respond to our calls and show up with treatments right when we could use them the most.

SwiftHealth, a new concierge wellness firm in Bergen County, New Jersey is exactly the health and wellness partner you knew you needed but didn’t have the time to look for. SwiftHealth offers at-home urgent care visits, telehealth, and personalized IV therapies that help you and your family optimize your health without missing a step in your busy, active lives.

Founded by Aliza Black, PA-C, SwiftHealth’s medical director is Annalisa Pastore, a Yale and Harvard-educated holistic physician who individualizes her comprehensive integrative wellness plans for each of her patients. Supporting her work is a team of phlebotomists, registered nurses, and lab technicians with extensive experience administering IV infusions.

Having these professionals on call means that whether you need infusions of IV nutrients to replenish after an event (or pre-game before an event), support your recovery from an illness, or manage a chronic infection or condition like fatigue or allergies, SwiftHealth has you covered.

But IV infusions aren’t the only service offered by SwiftHealth. Committed to identifying gaps in the our communal healthcare system and developing expedient solutions, Aliza recognized that completing redundant paperwork and sitting in waiting rooms isn’t the best use of your time, especially when you’re not feeling well. With SwiftHealth’s carefully curated interconnected network of diverse professionals, you can book a same-day urgent care appointment, at home and at your convenience.

Oh, and if you have a kid who is severely needle-averse (or, ahem, if you are) SwiftHealth can provide quick, easy, stress-free blood draws in the comfort of your own home. They offer a wide range of lab tests, including basic blood tests, comprehensive metabolic, lipid, wellness, and allergy testing panels, and much more. Their lab testing services include the at-home blood draw, lab processing, and results. You are also offered a consultation with a medical provider as an add-on service.

The bottom line is that no one has time to feel under the weather, no matter the cause. But we don’t always have the time to make the rounds to the medical professionals who can help us properly manage our health and get ourselves well. SwiftHealth recognizes the value and scarcity of our time and offers the services we need, in the place where it’s most convenient and efficient to receive them. At SwiftHealth you are both their patient and their client. Which is exactly the kind of health care we all deserve. For more information follow @swifthealthiv on Instagram, or to book a consultation, please visit their website, or call 609-270–1137.

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