Indulge in Self-Care with an Early Detection CT Scan at Progressive Diagnostic Imaging [dedicated]

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Hey! There’s something you forgot to do today! Sure, your project for work got done on time and you didn’t forget a kid anywhere today. And yes, you totally remembered to order a cake for your MIL’s birthday, make the orthodontist appointment and prep dinner. But, did you do anything for yourself today? Anything that will give you peace of mind that you’ll be here to care for your loved ones for a long, long time? Sorry, but there’s one more thing to put on your to-do list for today. Make an appointment for an Early Detection CT screening exam at Progressive Diagnostic Imaging, North Jersey's leading MRI and CT Scan Facililty.


With the Early Detection CT Scan, doctors can identify the earliest stages of some leading killers like cancer, aneurysms, vascular irregularities and heart disease. Patients who have had this scan have had cancer and other diseases detected and treated in their earliest stages before they were able to spread or do more severe, long lasting damage. With an early diagnosis you can add untold numbers of hours to your life.


Although the Early Detection scan is not covered by health insurance, Progressive Diagnostic Imaging has made sure that this life-affirming CT Scan is accessible and affordable for patients.  They’ve also made it easy to schedule. This is a full concierge experience. Simply complete the submission form on their website and a patient care coordinator will contact you to answer all your questions and to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Once your appointment is scheduled and forms are complete, you show up and they do the rest.  No long lines or waiting rooms, and standard Covid protocol is followed when you arrive. Your appointment time is just for you. 


After the 10 minute scan is performed, you can expect to hear back by end of day from their doctors with results, and will also receive a copy of the report and images for your primary care physician. If neccessary, the Progressive Diagnostic Imaging doctor will help you map out a care path and next steps.  Everything from consultation to results can be accomplished in one day!


You are important and much needed by your family and friends. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take charge and take comfort in knowing that you are a proactive advocate for your own health. Visit the Progressive Diagnostic Imaging website today for more information or to schedule an appointment. 


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