iLoveKickboxing is Kicking Up the Fitness Scene in North Jersey [Dedicated]

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Hey, remember those resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? The ones where you promised to put yourself first for at least an hour a few times a week, no excuses? The ones where you committed to finding a workout that would never get boring? Well, iLoveKickboxing is now open in Englewood so it’s time to dust off those forgotten resolutions and recommit.


Other workout trends have come and gone, but kickboxing has stood the test of time by providing an efficient, effective full body workout for people of all ages and abilities. Combining cardio, strength and resistance training into 60-minute sessions, kickboxing helps participants lose inches and pounds and tone all the wobbly bits. 

iLoveKickboxing Englewood is owned by Bergen County mother of four, Yael Rudolph. A personal trainer who has made her own journey of weight loss and personal health, Yael is also a nutritionist consultant, PE teacher at Ma'ayanot High School, and longtime Bergen County fitness instructor. Which means that, whether you’ve just recently decided to make some changes in your lifestyle or if you are just looking for a new workout to try, the owners and staff at iLoveKickboxing can help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. 


As busy parents themselves, Yael and Elnatan understand how hard, yet how essential, it is for parents to make time for themselves. They also understand that workouts can’t be boring or time-consuming. So, the hour-long iLoveKickboxing workouts are specially designed to be ever-changing and always challenging, allowing people to work at their own level with two instructors leading the class to ensure your safety and good form. 

Sign up for a monthly membership and receive access to unlimited classes and a pair of boxing gloves. Classes are offered seven days a week for your convenience. Stay tuned for women-only classes to be taught by female instructors. 

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35 Nathaniel Place, Englewood
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