Hot Yoga Studio Fireshaper Opens in Tenafly, Bergen County

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The carpet is laid in the brand new huge studios, the wood lockers installed and Fireshaper Tenafly is set for its soft opening this weekend. Gorgeous new mama, yoga devotee, Bergen County native and owner Thara finally took a (deep) breath and sat down with fitness editor Helaine Kay for our mom-on-a-mission series to tell us why yoga is her go to practice, what’s it like being married to an international recording artist and how she squeezes in a workout in if she only has 20 minutes.

Bergen Mama: How do you manage to balance everything with the business and a new baby?
Thara: I’d be lying if I said that finding the balance was easy but all I can do is my best.  There are some days where thanks to my hard work, I will get lots of quality time with her. And then there are some days where because of my hard work, I won’t get much time with her.  On days like that, I make sure that whatever time I do get with her is focused time; no tv, no cell phones - just Ayva and Mommy time, even if that is only for an hour or two, at least I know it was quality time. 

Bergen Mama: So your husband is mega star Jay Sean, how do you keep your marriage alive with his busy schedule and yours?
Thara: It has been so hectic getting the studio finished that there have been days where I just kiss him goodbye in the morning and then by the time I get back home in the evening, he’s already left for the studio and then it’s off to the same routine again the next day!  So I try to keep the same rules for our time together.  I want whatever time we have together to be quality so no cell phones at dinner.  And sometimes the best moment is simply getting to curl up on the couch and watch Scandal on our DVR together.  We may not be talking but we are still sharing something we both enjoy and having a moment together which is so important. 

Bergen Mama: How does your husband feel about your new venture?
Thara: He has been incredibly supportive.  I couldn’t have done this without his belief in me and his support of my dream.  This is just too big of an undertaking to take on without the support of your spouse.  So I’m very grateful to him for that.  I think he’s really enjoyed seeing the space come together at the end!  And I think he’s looking forward to stopping in for cold pressed juice after his training sessions!

Bergen Mama: What is the thing that surprised you the most about becoming a mom?
Thara: We went to a birthday party this weekend and I put her down and watched her walk over to all the other kids who were already there.  My heart was breaking as she walked over to say hi to these little strangers with a big smile on her face as if to introduce herself and get amongst the fun.  I saw her pure innocence in that moment.  And I just hoped that the kids accepted her into their little group.  I was so amazed at her confidence.  I guess I just never pictured that moment as a mom.  It was incredible and scary to watch her venture into the world.  I finally understood what I heard so many moms talk about but never really got until it was for my own little munchkin.  Finding that balance of letting her go but still holding on – I finally understand a little bit of what me growing up must have been like for my parents.  And if it was already hard and she’s only 16 months, how I am ever going to handle the future?!

Bergen Mama: How do you use yoga in your daily life? In what ways does yoga help you?
Thara: Yoga completely changed my life.  I have been practicing for over 12 years now.  I was always into health and fitness but yoga gives me more than that.  It gives me the physical workout but it also gives my mind a break.  And it’s taught me how to step back and breathe in any situation.  I suffered from anxiety in my late teens and early twenties but through the yoga, I was able to get it completely under control.  Going to the gym is great for your physical body, but you are still on the phone, watching TV, or listening to music; there is constant noise.  Sometimes we just need to simply listen to the rhythm of our breath. Yoga gave me the ability to do that. 

Even if I can’t get to a class, I will still do even just 20 minutes of yoga in my living room with the baby.  Just taking a little time to focus on my breath and stretch can be so helpful and stress relieving.  Ayva already has a great downward dog, it’s too cute! 

Bergen Mama: Do you have any advice for working moms who are also trying to find that balance and “do it all”?
Thara: Make time for yourself and make time for your partner!  We have to be happy and whole if we want to be wonderful examples to our kids.  We have to show them what a good life and good relationship should be like and we can’t do that if we aren’t taking care of ourselves.  Trust me, I know it can’t happen daily once kids are in the picture but at least try to make a point of something weekly or bi-weekly for yourself and your partner.  Make a date and put it in the calendar just like you do for all of your other meetings.  I find it’s the only way to make it happen…

Bergen Mama: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Thara: We are just so excited to become a part of their community.  I think it’s so important that people come and give the studio a try even if you’ve been to another hot yoga studio before because every studio and every teacher is different and something may strike the right chord with you.  And if you don’t come for the yoga, you can also stop in for a cold pressed juice or a protein smoothie.  Come with an open mind and an open heart and you’ll probably be surprised!

Bergen Mama: You are doing a soft opening starting Friday, April 17th. What does this include?
Thara: Yes, we are finally opening our doors for classes!  During Tenafly’s Street Fair this weekend, we will also be giving walk through tours of the studio.  We are currently offering a $14 for 14 days unlimited special for people who sign up now but if people are ready to make the commitment after coming to see the space this weekend, we will also be offering 20% off of our large packages as a thank you.  We also just put Prism Sport’s merch line up on our racks and the clothes are perfect for both in and out of the studio so people should definitely stop by to see them this weekend as well.  On Saturday, May 16th we are doing a grand opening. We’re going to be offering complimentary classes for the day and we will have some raffles and giveaways, as well as henna tattoos and healthy snacks.  Follow our Facebook page for more details.

Fireshaper Tenafly
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