Here’s to Your Health: 7 Healers Who Are Almost Magic

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New Years. A time of resolutions. A time of cleaning up and clearing out. A time of working on your health. So if you’ve been ignoring distress signals from your body, if you’ve been living with chronic pain or weakness or if you just think you deserve a tune up (and you would be right about that, by the way) please allow us to introduce you to some of the Healers of Bergen County. We won’t call them magicians because you’re going to need to do some of the work here too, but these experts combine solid scientific theory, education, training and a holistic understanding of your body (which, of course, includes that gray matter between your ears) to treat and cure all varieties of aches, pains and ailments. Here’s to a New You in the New Year! 


CHI-Medicine, Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine
Dr. AnnaLisa Pastore is an academically trained (Yale University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Columbia University and Harvard University) holistic and integrative physician practicing in Englewood. Her CHI-Medicine, Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine incorporates traditional Western medicine, Eastern medicine practices, alternative therapeutic options and lots of support in order to treat not just the physical but also the mind and the spirit. Your first visit will be a 90-minute consultation which includes conducting bloodwork and looking for imbalances, then two weeks later, you’ll meet with Dr. Pastore again for a follow-up then an assessment of your progress a month later. But don’t wait too long to schedule an appointment. You can wait for up to six months to see this modern medicine woman. (60 Grand Ave, Englewood, 201.308.5326)





TaRa Institute
At the TaRa Institute, located in the Tolstoy Foundation in Valley Cottage, NY, real deal acupuncture husband/wife team, Tashi Rabten and Tashi Dolma walk the walk with therapies that include infrared sauna, deep pressure/pinpoint massage, and acupuncture with warming needles. Other practitioners offer their expertise in, among other things, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, thermography, Functional Medicine, and massage therapy. Walk into the Institute and you’ll instantly feel more zen and relaxed. Acupuncture sessions can take over an hour and on a recent visit they also gave us a home-made supplement named “love” to help with a torn Achilles. (104 Lake Road, Valley Cottage, NY, 845.268.7717)


Seville Physical Therapy
One session with Purissa “Rissa” Seville of Seville Physical Therapy and you’ll wonder why you’ve waited this long to start PT. Not just for those with acute injuries, Rissa’s brand of physical therapy combines high quality evidence-informed therapy, a customized approach, and patient advocacy to provide natural, expert solutions to end pain and stiffness in the back, knee, neck and shoulders. Purissa’s mind body approach, 1:1 attention and hands on approach (which sometimes includes climbing onto the table with you!) all aid in her dedication to not only improving quality of life, but finding out why her patients were suffering in the first place. “This dynamo can help heal anything,” says one satisfied customer. (15-19 Washington St, Tenafly, 201.893.1995)

Direct Pain Relief 
You know that phrase, “Hurts so good”? Yeah, that’s what you get when you visit Direct Pain Relief Neuromuscular Therapy & Massage in Tenafly. Norma is a healer with her hands, performing massage and manipulation in order to increase blood flow, eliminate toxins and provide oxygen to afflicted muscles. Just out for a little relaxation? This massage might not be for you. But if you’re looking for a long term solution to chronic tightness or pain, personalized to accommodate your body’s unique needs, Norma and her associates are the ones to try. (120 County Rd, Suite 200, Tenafly, 201.669.1822)

Sacred Space Living
Okay, so you’ve got your body working well. Now it’s time to do a little work on the old noggin. You know all about the health benefits of meditation, so why not start there? Tania Gold has been practicing meditation since she was a child and, after a career in interior design, her to belief that we’re all looking for a way to slow down and make deeper connections led her to open Sacred Space Living. Start your practice with classes in group meditation, or sign up for a private session. Visit for candlelight meditation, immerse yourself for a week, or just give yourself the gift of a 30-minute meditation. Classes guide participants to a place of deep relaxation through simple techniques like breath work, visualization, sound, and mantra, followed by a period of silence meant to leave you feeling rejuvenated and empowered. (15 Broadway, Suite 204, Cresskill, 201.788.1182)


ZoHealthy with Audrey Zona
If healthy, clean eating is on your list this new year, perhaps an integrative health coach is the healer you need. Audrey Zona specializes in the psychology of eating with the philosophy that outer beauty is a reflection of inner health. Audrey mentors her clients to make empowered food choices and transform their nutritional habits by creating a personalized roadmap that encourages a healthy lifestyle, a positive relationship with food and a balance rhythm of nutrition, health and fitness. Continue your journey toward wellness with personal or group sessions, coffee chats, pantry purges and lots of encouragement. (, 201.264.5968)



The Energy Medicine Center
You have goals, lots of goals. You can see where you want to be and you can almost get there but something always seems to stop you. Want to see if you can figure out the core issues and past life experiences that might be blocking you from your ultimate health and well-being? Why not try a session with Liz Donohue, pioneer in the flied of Energy Medicine, Reiki Master, and Reflexology and EFT practitioner? Liz will read your energy and work with you to overcome your blocks to release stored energy and head you in the direction of your dreams. (19 Spear Road, #102, Ramsey, 201.652.5880)

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