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You know that working out is good for you. You know you feel better mentally and physically when you make the time to move your body. You know that as you age, it’s even more important that you keep your body fit and in shape. What you don’t know is how you can ever fit regular trips to the gym into your insane carpool driving, child feeding, multi-tasking lifestyle.

Now you don’t have to.

Instead, allow GYMGUYZ, #1 In-Home Personal Training, to train you in the location and at the time of your choice.

The baby’s down for a nap? Have your GYMGUYZ trainer show up for a quick strength workout to rev up your energy before you start your afternoon rush. You’ve got an hour between work and picking up the kids at the sitter? Meet GYMGUYZ at the local park and work out the stress of the day. You only have two hours between pre-school drop off and pick up and it’s the same two hours as every other parent in the area? Let them worry about the travel time. They’ll show up ready to give you an effective workout with a high level of customer service and (best of all) no waiting for machines at peak usage times.


GYMGUYZ knows that though you really want to make your long term health a priority, you are often not the master of your time or your schedule. They can help by developing individualized, efficient one-on-one workouts, group instruction, classes or corporate fitness programs that fit your needs and get results. And with their customized vans equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, they offer you the flexibility to be trained anywhere, anytime.

Whether you are just beginning an exercise routine, need to make your workouts a regular part of your day, or have a specific training or weight loss goal in mind, GYMGUYZ’ certified trainers will meet with you, assess your body, fitness and nutritional needs, then develop a creative fitness program that achieves your goals while keeping you interested, motivated and committed.

Though they specialize in personal training, weight loss, and body toning, GYMGUYZ offers the breadth of fitness disciplines from a (aerobics), to z (Zumba!) and everything in between including yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, bodybuilding and more! Just ask for what you want and it’s a good bet they have a certified professional to teach it! Also, their coaches are true professionals. You’ll never have someone not engaged in your session or not invested in your success. They serve all ages and fitness levels.

The physical demands of parenting are no joke. Give yourself, your family and your loved ones the gift of a strong, healthy you. It’s an investment you will never regret.

GYMGUYZ has no membership fee and their first visit and consultation is always free.

Mention Bergen Mama when you call and receive a complimentary training session and 10% off your first purchase of a session package. 


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