Green Juice and Other Habit Forming Helpers in Bergen

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Since it takes 21 days for most of us to form a new habit (or for some, a serious relationship, ahem Kim and Kanye), we’re open to any shortcuts we can find to jump-start the New Year off right.  For our favorite tools to shock a system into healthy habit-forming submission, see below:


One sip had us hooked on local mama Maureen Huntley’s “Mo Green Juice”, which is less about crash cleanse and more about making sure you’re getting enough raw greens in your daily diet.  The fresh pressed juices, which are served in reusable mason jugs, are loaded with between 4 to 7lbs of fresh veggies like lettuces, cucumber, kale, lemon and apple.  Not only did we love the taste, but so did our kid testers, who, after initially refusing to sip, gulped it down and begged for mo’. ($12 per juice, available at the Market at RoCCa in Glen Rock, The Bar Method Ridgewood, and Ramsey Farmers Market)

You want to eat more organic, really you do, but the “how” and “when” always seem to get in the way.  Thankfully the good folks over at Go Organic NYC are now delivering to Bergen.  Choose your own foods or let them pick for you, and set your schedule (weekly, biweekly, or just once), then choose your size, and just a few clicks will set you on course to receive your first batch of doorstep delivered organic produce, dairy items and snacks.  ($35 plus shipping for a small box, order on their website)

Move more with the Nike + Fuelband.  This fashion meets function wristband displays daily metrics like steps taken, calories burned and a measure called “fuel”- a Nike branded stat. which you can set a daily target for.  Upon meeting the set goal, the device throws the wearer a little wrist-party, complete with lights and sound- something we quickly became addicted to.  ($149, available at

Stick to daily calorie limits and track exercise by signing onto  This website/app can be used from your mobile, tablet or laptop and has a huge calorie/nutritional database (we actually found our favorite order from our local fro-yo shop on there).  Its simple format makes it super-easy for even the busiest mamas to stick with their goals.  (FREE!, sign up at

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