Going to the Movies Just Got Even Yummier at CMX Closter Plaza


Here’s the deal – we all have the choice to sit at home and watch movies on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon or any of the other streaming services. But isn’t there something special about going to a theater, smelling the popcorn, taking your seat in the darkened theater and watching a great story unfold on the big screen? Now, with the new CMX Theater in Closter Plaza finally open in the uber hot Closter Plaza, you can add the bonus of upscale, fresh, locally sourced food, reserved, fully reclining plush leather seats, and a friendly, customer service focused staff and all of a sudden a night out with dinner and a movie starts to sound a whole lot better than a night in wearing pajamas and arguing over which show you want to binge-watch next.


On a recent visit to the CMX theater, we were immediately impressed by the hospitality of the staff. As we approached, the door was opened for us, we were welcomed and we noticed that all guests were escorted to their theaters. The General Manager and the Assistant Manager were in the lobby available to answer questions or speak with customers about their experience. They both actively solicited feedback from their guests, receiving both positive and negative reviews with interest.

Once inside, guests can head to the soon-to-be open bar for a cocktail or can grab snacks from the food court style concession area. Menu items include salads, charcuterie boards, hummus and dips, freshly baked pizzas, burgers and a variety of other items, including some that are gluten-free or vegan.



What’s that? You’re a traditionalist? You can’t watch a movie without buttered popcorn, Milk Duds and a giant soda? They’ve got that too. And they’re still experimenting. If you want popcorn but you’d like a selection of gourmet flavors like cheese, caramel or Chicago style (yum!) let them know. They’re open to ideas on how to improve the guest experience.

We loved the dark, modern décor, the relaxed, home style setting, and especially the seats, the really comfy, reclining seats. We also loved the fact that we didn’t have to search for seats together, our seats were reserved and waiting for us when we arrived. Best of all, the convenience of the location in the Closter/Alpine area is hard to beat. No more battling traffic to get to one of the other dine-in theaters in Fort Lee or at The Shops at Riverside (though if you happen to be in the area, those are worth the trip too!)



So, what else do you need to know? There are five theaters, two small, two medium-sized and one large theater. The theater shows first-run movies and is looking at screening sporting events and other televised events in the future. Birthday parties and corporate events are also in the plans.


CMX Closter Theater
Closter Plaza
101 Vervalen Street, Closter
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