Go Prehistoric at Field Station Dinosaurs in Overpeck Park, NJ (dedicated)

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Quick! Which dinosaur’s name means “tyrant lizard king”? Which dinosaur has three horns measuring up to 3 feet high on its head? Which gigantic dinosaur used to be called the Brontosaurus?

If you were able to answer Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Apatosaurus faster than a Velociraptor can run (40 mph in short bursts), then you need to plan a trip to Field Station: Dinosaurs, stat.

Fodor’s has nicknamed Field Station: Dinosaurs, located in Overpeck Park in Leonia, NJ, a “mini Jurassic Park” for a reason. You and your budding paleontologists can travel back in time to visit 31 life-sized dinosaurs that have been brought to life through a combination of robotics and the imagination of artists. This new dinosaur trail will get you and your little scientists up close and personal with some of the most awe-inspiring creatures ever to roam the earth. Also be sure to explore their newest River Trail off the general path where various Piscivores will greet you as you walk into the woods and along the water. 

After you’ve had your fill of these amazing animals, stay to enjoy shows in the amphitheater that include a Dino Dance Party with their own dinosaur troubadour, a Feeding Frenzy which puts an intrepid dinosaur wrangler against the T-Rex as we learn about it’s eating habits (hint: it’s not a vegetarian). Join in the fun and games with the Field Station Challenge, T-Rex Games, Mesozoic Concentration, the raptor maze or get your hands dirty at the Fossil Dig Site. Then take a seat and let the new shadow puppet show, “Dragons to Dinosaurs” amaze or the 3D movie, Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World educate.

Schedule your expedition for a Saturday this summer and meet a featured Super Star of Science. On July 22nd, Geologist Mark Rogoff will drop some knowledge about famous fossils found in New Jersey. July 29th brings “bone-afied” dinosaur expert and advisor to Steven Spielberg “Dino” Don Lessem and on August 5th, meet the real live Bat Man, Joe D’Angeli, and learn about bats and other mammals. Please visit our website for a full schedule of Super Stars of Science.


Not scared of things that roar in the night? Then venture out to Dinosaurs After Dark, a guided tour of Field Station: Dinosaurs held Friday and Saturday evenings in September and October and including singing, dancing, dinosaur hunting and marshmallow roasting.

Field Station: Dinosaurs is open six days a week (closed Mondays) through September 4 from 10am-6pm. They are also open on Labor Day, during the teacher’s convention and weekends through November from 10am-5pm. Visit the website at www.fieldstationdinosaurs.com for more information about the park. 

Field Station: Dinosaurs
Overpeck County Park
40 Fort Lee Road, Leonia, NJ
(855) 999-9010

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