Get Your Craft On at Creative Den in Glen Rock NJ

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There was a time back in the day when you could spend hours lost in a craft or sewing project or baking something intricate and delicious. But nowadays you can’t find the time or the space (physical or mental) to get back into the zone. Luckily, Creative Den has opened in Glen Rock. This brand new Bergen County maker’s space gives you the room you need to go back to your crafty roots without having to sacrifice your dining room table to do it. 


Creative Den is the brainchild of local Glen Rock Mom on the Move, Tara McKee. Tara describes Creative Den as a maker’s space where adults of all ages can stop in and work during the day at one of the two long worktables or on one of the comfy couches and chairs scattered around this gorgeous open air space. Plus, Creative Den offers a commercial kitchen where, starting later this month, bakers, cooks and caterers can rent space to test recipes, perfect their dishes, or even teach a cooking class. 


Creative Den also supports crafters and local artisans by providing them with a space to feature their products, from food items (we were told there would be future workshops to teach us the tricks of the trade), baby clothing and blankets, natural body oils, collage paintings, paper sculptures, yarn jewelry and ceramics. Artists whose work is sold in the space are encouraged by Creative Den staff to lead workshops showcasing their skills. 


Not to be confused with other art-centric spots that have opened recently in Bergen County, Creative Den is for adults not children. All workshops are geared toward adults (think wine with your flower arranging, metal stamping or wreath making). Teens are welcomed at certain specific workshops but for the most part, the concept behind Creative Den is for adults to engage with like-minded peers and hone their skills. It’s also intended to give adults who want to try something new the opportunity and space to learn a new craft. Future classes will include glass blowing and even bourbon tasting. And this space isn’t just for women. Men are encouraged to join in the maker movement. In fact, one of the featured artists is a Glen Rock wrestling coach who specializes in creating collages out of magazine pages. Stop by and tell us that you don’t completely covet his Times Square piece!


So next time you need a break from your hectic life and you’re longing to do something with your hands – either a skill you’ve mastered or something completely new, book your sitter, grab a bottle of wine, and get creative in this great new addition to the Bergen County artist scene.


Creative Den
216 Rock Road
Glen Rock, NJ 
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