Get to the Bottom Of Your Colorectal Health with Dr. Peter Kaye at Englewood Health [dedicated]

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Englewood Health would like to talk to you about your gut. March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and they want to emphasize the importance of overcoming your case of the ickies to make sure you get the proper screening and care for your area down there. 


Dr. Peter Kaye, a colon and rectal surgeon at Englewood Health, is your guy. He’s seen and heard it all and his best piece of advice for his patients is (and the pun is heartily intended) “trust your gut.” You know your body best. So if you have temporary discomfort that subsides and doesn’t return, you probably don’t need to be seen by a doctor. But if you have recurring symptoms, or changes in the frequency, consistency, or color of your bowel movements, it’s time to consult with your doctor. Especially if you start seeing blood in the bowl.


Dr. Kaye and the team of gastroenterology specialists at Englewood Health are up to date on the latest treatments and procedures for diseases of the stomach, intestines, colon and rectal area. Dr. Kaye notes that the use of robotics in surgery has been a game changer for colon and rectal surgery. In addition, Englewood Health was nationally recognized with the CARECHEX Patient Safety Award for Gastroenterology in 2020, and nationally recognized as a leader in providing exceptional and safe patient care by The Leapfrog Group, Healthgrades, and Quantros, Inc.


But a pain in the gut doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to need surgery, or even a colonoscopy. Doctors at Englewood Health also employ physical exams, bloodwork, imaging tests, stool collections and sigmoidoscopies to arrive at their diagnoses. However, if you’re 45 or older, it is time to visit your gastroenterologist to discuss your first colonoscopy. Depending on what doctors find, you could be able to wait as long as 10 years before you get your next colonoscopy.


There are also ways patients can prevent some colon and rectal conditions. Healthy, clean living, including drinking more water; eating fruits, vegetables, and fiber; avoiding empty carbohydrates; and exercising regularly will go a long way in keeping your gut in check. Want to learn more about how nutrition can play a role in keeping you healthy, and also in nourishing you in the event you do have to undergo treatment for colorectal cancer or other diseases? Sign up for the online event, “Feeding your Gut,” sponsored by the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine and facilitated by Robin DeCicco, integrative medicine nutritionist.


Dr. Kaye says one of the main factors in his decision to move his practice to Englewood Health is the collaborative approach to patient care. This focus on multi-disciplinary care enables Dr. Kaye to access the expertise of specialists across the health system, including at the Graf Center, resulting in better outcomes for the patients he sees. 


If you are experiencing troubling symptoms or, you’ve (ahem) hit that age where a baseline examination is a good idea, call 833.234.2234 for a referral. Don’t wait. The sooner you get your gut in gear, the sooner you’ll have peace of mind.


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