Garden State Yoga Opens in Glen Rock

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We had heard the buzz about Garden State Yoga long before the opening of it’s brand spankin’ new digs in Glen Rock… “Best of Essex” this and “Yogathon 2012” that.  The Bloomfield based yoga studio, co-founded by Seth Weisberg and Alison McCue, has built a loyal following and respected name among the New Jersey yoga community since it’s opening in 08- so we just had to see what the hype was about.

Vibe:  Cool, modern space- sure to be perfectly inviting once all their furniture is in. Two studios: one for hot yoga (orange with cool hardwoods) and one for non-hot (the green room), plus a retail space for the latest in yoga-wear.  They are also adding showers and a changing room over the next two months, so no more running home to freshen up after a post-sweat session.

Classes and Instructors:  Obviously warm and inviting (a basic tenant of yoga, no?) and GSY has been known to attract the “best of the best” in terms of yoga instructors (think Ben Wisch and Jody Domerstad) for their roster full on yoga classes like “Hot Power Yoga” to “Vinyasa Flow” to exclusive offerings like “Hot Yoga Barefoot Bootcamp” and “Bob Marley Friday Night Flow”. 

The skinny:  Hot yoga devotees always want to know “how hot is it?”  Well in this case, the studio is kept at 95 degrees with about 60% humidity.  Member perks include complimentary mats, towels and blocks plus juices and waters for purchase. 

PRICING:  Right now through the end of November, they are offering an amazing special for new members.  Get a month for $25 when a new member brings another new member to the studio.

Garden State Yoga
530 Broad Street, Glen Rock

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