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Looking for something new and different to get you on track for your 2018 fitness goals? Look no further than the new year’s nine top trends in the world of workouts. You’re bound to find one worth trying ... and sticking with.
1. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
It’s all about short bursts of high intensity exercises followed by short period of rest and recovery – like jumping rope or sprinting followed by low-impact walking, for example. And when we say short, we mean short. Usually the workouts are 30 minutes or less ... which means every minute counts. More and more area gyms are offering HIIT classes, so it’s definitely worth a shot.
Where you can do it: Body Burn Barre in Tenafly, Orange Theory Closter, Englewood; Firestarter class at Equinox, Paramus
2.“Play” Exercise
The idea is to have so much fun that you won’t actually realize (or at least won’t mind) that you’re exercising as you play games like cardio tennis, Dance Fit X or more old-fashioned sports like swimming.
Where you can do it: Washington Township Tennis & Fitness Club; CourtSense Tennis Training Center, Tenafly; Dance and Zumba classes at The Gym, Englewood; Aquatics at Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, Tenafly
3. Streaming Workouts at Home
We’re lucky to be living in the digital age, which means we can access a range of workouts from the comfort of our own homes when our schedule allows. In other words, no more “Oh, there’s no way I can make it to the class by 5pm today, the sitter canceled.”
Where you can get it: Beachbody offers everything from yoga to P90X to 22-minute-a-day boot camp workouts, while app Daily Burn creates 30-day personalized programs of dance, high-intensity cardio, yoga, and strength training with classes led by celeb trainers like Bob Harper. Both are accessible on your phone, iPad, laptop, to stream on devices like Roku or Apple TV. Both also offer free trials to test the whole idea out before you spend any money on it. Or, if you want to try your hand at Pilates, Pilatesology hosts online classes that are true to the source teachings of the practice. 
4. Really Challenging but Effective Classes
There are hard workouts and there are reeeeallly hard workouts. But we all know the ole' saying "No pain, no gain" right? That's what the ladies who work their bodies out religiously on megaformers throughout Bergen County have come to embrace- along with rockin' bikini bods for the world to see.
5. Body Weight Training
Forget wasting time on trial and error as you figure out how much weight to set each machine to and how to adjust your seat ... all you need for this workout is you. The point is to use your own body weight to complete exercises like lunges, pushups, setups, and planks, with the end goal of building strength. 
Where you can do it:  Since you don’t need equipment, you can try it at home, or take a class at Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, Tenafly
6. Yoga
Given that yoga is several thousand years old, you’ve probably done it somewhere along the line, and already  know that the benefits of practicing range from increasing flexibility to building muscle strength to clearing your head. These days there are more options than ever to get your yoga on – Vinyasa flow classes keep you moving with a touch of cardio, Bikram makes you sweat while holding a series of 26 poses, and the increasingly popular Kripalu combines flow with holding poses a bit longer with a focus on alignment. 
Where you can do it: Flow Yoga, HoHoKus; Fire Shaper, Tenafly; BambooMoves, Englewood; coolhotyoga, Cresskill
7. Getting Help from Educated and Experienced Fitness Professionals
We’re starting to expect more from our group fitness teachers and personal trainers and it’s paying off. Certified and accredited teachers have more experience and are more knowledgeable, which means they can teach you the ins and outs of whatever class, program, or workout you’ve come to learn. You’ll be more motivated, enjoy the class more, and learn proper form to help prevent injuries.
Where you can find them: The good news is trainers and teachers are better than ever, so it’s easy to find an impressive one at your local gym or favorite studio. 
8.  A Focus on Inner Health
If your mind is racing a mile a minute and you’re stressed and exhausted, not only is working out going to be tougher, but you won’t feel all that good even if you do stick to a program. We’re realizing how important it is to get some guidance on things like nutrition and stress management and to practice meditation and alternative medicine like acupuncture to make sure we stay healthy from the inside out.
Where you can do it: Graf Center for Integrative Medicine, Englewood
9. Smarter Recovery for Mind & Body 
As our exercise regimes intensify, stronger workouts call for stronger recoveries. Things like far-infrared saunas can help improve blood circulation, help fight fatigue, and energize and rejuvenate you, while Cryotherapy can help reverse tissue damage, decrease inflammation, and boost cell rejuvenation.
 Where you can do it:  coolhotyoga, Cresskill; SoJo Spa Club, Edgewater
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