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With 2022 in the rear view leaving a fresh start for 2023, it's an ideal time to prioritize your own wellness and begin your health journey in the new year. Taking a well-rounded approach to your health will not only address concerns you're currently experiencing, but offer preventative solutions, too. Salt of the Earth, Center for Healing in Chestnut Ridge, NY, is ready to help start you on your 'new year, new you' path with their menu of natural healing treatments and salt cave therapy.


What's in a name? Inside Salt of the Earth's walls lies their salt cave therapy, also known as halotherapy. This natural healing experience involves surrounding the body with pink Himalayan salt while additional salt-infused air is released into the cave during a 45-minute session. As you sit in peaceful relaxation (as if that doesn't sound healing in itself), inhaling the appropriate level of salt in the air will release anti-inflammatory health benefits such as improving airways (think: asthma, allergies, and the common cold), reducing skin concerns like eczema and acne, and decreasing stress levels. The best part? The whole family can get in on the wellness action, as kids of all ages are welcome with an adult. Book your package of three, five, or 10 sessions starting at $105. 


In addition to its signature salt cave offering, Salt of the Earth houses a healing center with a range of services. Acupuncture, traditional and specialty massages, and chiropractic services are available, along with lesser-known therapies for helping you achieve your desired wellness. Tap into their raindrop therapy, which combines targeted massage with essential oils to help detox, boost the immune and digestive systems, and soothe tense muscles, among other benefits. Or, book a CranioSacral therapy, which uses touch techniques to lessen migraine symptoms, reduce emotional and physical stress, and provide a deep sense of calm. 


CBD consultations, Reiki sessions, and more personalized therapies are available, which are customized for your specific needs. Find a huge selection of products including healing salt lamps, chakra pillar candles and bracelets, healing crystals, and more products with benefits that you can bring home to achieve wellness wherever you go. 


If there was ever a time to be salty, it's now. Book your service or specialized therapy, or call Salt of the Earth, Center for Healing to inquire about their offerings. 




Salt of the Earth, Center for Healing
811 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Chestnut Ridge
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