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There's something sexy about long, luscious eyelashes … but if you weren't blessed with picture-perfect lashes that go on for miles, there's a simple shortcut you can take to get there. (And no, it doesn't involve you hunching over in front of the bathroom mirror with fake lashes and glue.) It's time to take the plunge and get eyelash extensions. And if you don't know where to start, don't worry. Here's everything you need to know along with our local recs for where to get the best eyelash extensions in Bergen County, NJ that'll wow 'em at your next holiday soirée.

The 411: Before you officially embark on the commitment to longer, more luscious lashes (and spend 1 hour of your time and drop the average $200!) you need to get lash-literate. And by that, we mean understanding the different types of lashes offered, so you can make the best decision for you. Check out our eyelash extension cheat sheet below:


Types of Lashes: Every studio offers their own type of lash, and some offer more than one option. You definitely need to ask that question before you make your appointment. Lash insiders know that lots of people love Sable and Mink but those are not legal in NJ because, cruelty.  So many top studios offer Faux Mink or Sable which give a lightweight feel and natural look, plus they last longer than other lashes and keep their curl. Others offer Silk or Faux Silk (or Synthetic) which are thicker and fuller but have a more uniform curl and appearance so sometimes they don’t look as natural, but those are great for shorter term use or if you want a bolder look.

Glue: This is important. Many people are sensitive to certain glues and if that’s you then you definitely want to ask if your studio offers a hypoallergenic option (some do). Also make sure your technician is using glue that’s approved by the FDA, because you definitely don’t want an inexpensive, foreign-made glue since it’s going near your eye and chemicals and that area don’t mix well.

Volume: Most studios throw around the term “volume” just to make things even more overwhelming but what that just means is that you can actually up the wow factor even more by putting 2 lash extensions on 1 lash (called “2D”) or even 3 lash extensions on 1 lash (called “3D”). Just remember more weight on your lashes may look good, but it can also weigh down your natural lashes, making them less healthy, so we recommend using caution if you are going to “go there”!


Top Spots for Eyelash Extensions in Bergen County NJ:

Supreen:  Step inside the beautiful studio, located in the heart of the very new, very chic Closter Plaza and instantly feel calm. Their team of expert lash artists and waxers' goal is simple. To make you look beautiful (think perfectly sculpted brows and lashes you'll swoon over) in as little time as possible so that you can get back to your day to day *busy* routine quickly- but look good while doing it! (63 Vervalen Street, Closter, 201-899-4960)

Get Luminous: This gorgeous little gem of a studio in Ho-ho-kus will make you feel beautiful the minute you step inside, with aromatherapy, hot tea on tap, and charging stations for your iPhone. Owner Erika Menanteaux’s mission is to make every client “luminous” with her lash and brow craftsmanship and expertly applied lashes using only the best product. An initial set of full lashes from the founder herself will run you a steep $500 (which many claim are worth every penny) but you can book one of her protégés for a mere $350. Fills run $120-$175 per session and are recommended every 2-3 weeks. (31 Sheridan Ave, Ho-Ho-Kus, 201-857-2711)

Amazing Lash Studio: Think of this chain (with a newly opened Wyckoff location) as the European Wax of Lashes, offering synthetic mink eyelashes by style (named “cute”, “natural”, and “sexy”) so that you can customize your look each time you visit. They even offer colored lashes if you’re looking to get really creative. (327 Franklin Ave, Wyckoff, 551-777-4500, Introductory offer: $79.99 for your first set (normally $250) fills $79.99, also offering a membership option for special pricing)

Keico Eyelash Extensions: If you’re seeking value, this small, low-key studio in Fort Lee delivers– it’s hard to beat their new client special– $55 for a set of 160 piece lashes – and the results speak for themselves (they even attract budget–conscious NYC dwellers). Expect synthetic mink lashes and volume upon request. (2460 Lemoine Ave, Suite 304, Fort Lee, 551-574-8769, $120 regular price for initial visit)

Lash and Brow Barr: We’ve been oohing and ahhing over the gorgeous transformations on Adriana Caicedo’s Instagram since forever, so we had to mention the work of the adorable master lash extension artist and microblader who works out of her home. If you’re in the Teaneck area, you’ll want to book Ms. Caicedo early for her natural yet dramatic looking lashes or amazing microblading work on brows. (Synthetic silk, $120 for a classic full set, volume options too, call 201-923-0653 to reserve)

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