Enrichment, Learning and STEM Classes in Bergen County, NJ

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Looking for some specialized help or to unleash your child’s inner wiring for all things sciencey or wired?  Check out these resources for reading help, STEM classes and more.
Tutors Link (52 E. Madison Ave, Dumont, 201-406-0650) 
This learning center was born out of a teachers’ dream to give more time to students and bridge any gaps between education and understanding. Enrichment is offered to kids of all ages (even preschoolers) by way of workshops in Literacy, Language, Math by Grade Level and Skill, Test Prep, Science, Social Studies all taught by certified teachers. Private Tutoring and Basic Homework Help are also offered. And all is given in a warm cozy space where you kick of your shoes and focus.
Bergen County Technical Schools (327 E. Ridgewood Ave, Paramus, 201-343-6000) 
BCTS offers rigorous after school programming for grades 5 and up in everything from Pre-Algebra and Public Speaking to Physics and Programming in JAVA. The classrooms are state-of-the-art and the faculty is highly trained and staffed so that teacher/student ratios are conducive to learning.
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