Englewood Health Urgent Care Centers Are Open for Your Immediate Healthcare Needs [dedicated]

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There are a few incontrovertible truths in life. One of them is that at some point, illness or injury will strike outside of your primary care doctor's or gynecologist's regular office hours.


You could go to the emergency room, and if you have a true emergency, you should. But if your illness is non-life-threatening–a urinary tract infection, morning sickness, pelvic pain, vaginal infections, or menopause flare-ups, to name a few–you have a third choice. You can visit an Englewood Health Urgent Care center.


Urgent care centers specialize in the treatment of non-emergent illnesses and injuries–ones that require speedy intervention all the same. Though most urgent care centers do not have a gynecologist or obstetrician on site, they do employ highly skilled, board-certified physicians and other providers who are capable of diagnosing and treating the gamut of health issues.


Jacqueline R. Ysique, MD, a family medicine specialist at Englewood Health, sees patients at its four urgent care locations: Englewood, Fair Lawn, Cresskill, and Jersey City. Dr. Ysique says, "Urgent care offers a wide array of women's health services, from pregnancy and STI testing, to the diagnosis and treatment of UTIs, vaginal infections, and abdominal pain."


Englewood Health Urgent Care locations welcome walk-in appointments and, most importantly, have on-site providers who can offer a thorough exam, a diagnosis and, most often, treatment for what ails you. The centers also offer evening and weekend hours.


The team can offer you a knowledgeable referral to a specialist for follow-up if needed and can share your test results with your current doctor or doctors. Best of all, because they're part of the Englewood Health Physician Network, they can help you schedule the appointment you need with the doctor you want.


So, the next time you feel the familiar symptoms of a UTI coming on a 2:00 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon, don't wait for Monday morning to call your doctor in search of the quick attention and swift course of antibiotics you know you need.


Instead, visit an Englewood Health Urgent Care center. You can walk in or book a preferred time online at englewoodhealth.org/urgent. You'll have relief and peace of mind before dinner – just what the doctor ordered.

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