Dino-sized Fun at Westfield Garden State Plaza’s Dino Safari [dedicated]

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With summer camps ending and a late start to the school year for many, you're probably starting to hear that “What am I going to do with these kids for the next month?” voice in your head. Well, save one day to grab your prehistoric passport for a trip back in time to Dino Safari, which recently extended its stay in the Westfield Garden State Plaza parking lot in Paramus, New Jersey through September 4th.


Dino Safari is a completely safe, drive through globe-trotting experience featuring 40 full scale, (sometimes giant) moving dinosaurs! Your family will get up-close-and-personal with the most fascinating prehistoric creatures from the mighty T. rex of North America to the giant amphibious Spinosaurus from Africa. Tune in to the easy-to-access in-car audio guide (available in both English and Spanish) to hear an entertaining storyline filled with scientifically accurate educational information about the dinosaurs you will encounter on your adventure.


You will learn how dinosaurs evolved over time, where on earth they lived and about the discoveries paleontologists have made about how these fascinating creatures ate, moved and behaved. But beware, along the journey, travelers might encounter erupting earthquakes, battling dinosaurs or a baby dino in need of your family’s help to save its life. Oh, and you’ll get to pat yourself on the back for integrating exciting thrills with real science in a way that engages kids’ imagination and teaches them something important without them ever knowing there’s learning involved!


Once you’re safely back in 2021, each car receives a “Survival Pack” with take home activities like a scavenger hunt, coloring activity, and other fun surprises. Plus, for the truly dino-obsessed, “Mystery Bag” merchandise options are available for purchase (not included in the  price of admission).


So, purchase tickets now and then buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime in this completely COVID-safe experience. Bergen Mama readers can use code BMALL10 for $10 off your purchase. Then, follow the fun on Facebook and Instagram and get ready for the dino-rific experience of a lifetime.


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