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It’s pretty safe to say that we’d all like to call Oprah our personal life coach (we get it, she’s busy). But that doesn’t mean we’re putting living our best life on hold. We’re just hitting up DEFINE body & mind, a new boutique fitness spot in Allendale that’s making 360-degree wellness within anyone’s reach.

This of-the-moment fitness studio located in the Acme shopping center in Allendale (the first of a planned three to open in North Jersey) takes the mind-body wellness concept to the next level, bringing clients a mix of creative exercise classes that focus on honing strength, length, and balance. Bringing the mind-full aspect to their exercise.

Your guru on the journey is the owner (and Bergen County resident) Ellen Park, who says she decided to open DEFINE because she saw the importance of a local one-stop-shop for fitness and wellness with a welcoming, community-based environment and “best of the best” instructors.

We stopped in recently in need of a little realignment and ended up taking two of DEFINE’s signature core classes. As soon as you walk into the studio, the incredible scents of their teas instantly relax you. We were also mesmerized by the beautiful space and decor bringing quintessential farmhouse and modern elements together.

The first class we took was the rev INDOOR CYCLING CLASS, a 45-minute heart-pounding cardio workout set to some banging beats that not only targets your legs, but tones your arms, abs, shoulders, and back, too. We loved the lack of monitors and leaderboards that have become the norm at some other cycling studios—the goal here is to have fun.

We also treated ourselves to the Mind-hammock CLASS, which is kind of like if yoga and massage had a baby. In a dimly lit room infused with meditative music and the smell of essential oils, participants perform a range of guided yoga poses along with stretching exercises and pressure point activation via the use of a hammock, a ball, and blocks. Over the next 60 minutes, our body was moving in a multitude of directions, including upside down, but we always felt totally at ease. By the time we were in our final Savasana, we felt totally renewed.

DEFINE offers even more amazing classes, including yoga and the body CLASS, which combines Pilates, yoga, and, ballet for a workout we hear will leave our buns begging for mercy. Also coming soon is their trampoline-based cardio class called bounce. Good thing classes here don’t cost a fortune—especially if you take advantage of their package deals.

If this is what living our best life feels like, we can die happy.

Define Body & Mind
49 West Allendale Avenue, Allendale
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